Are You Serious! You Call That Fat Burning Exercise?

Just wanted to share an observation with you about what I see when people are exercising to loss weight or get fit. Check it out the next time you go to the gym or wherever you exercise and see if you make the same observation?

It looks like people are there to relax and socialize not exercise to burn fat and develop a healthy lifestyle! Where is the intensity? Motivation has to be the spark but Intensity has to be the fuel to feed the fire to accomplish our health and weight loss goals. I see very low INTENSITY! and people wonder why their not accomplishing their desired health and weight loss goals. If you are serious about your fat burning weight loss and fitness it won't be easy plus it will take effort! If you go to a gym, the next time you're there look and see how many people are reading, watching TV, texting or just socializing while they are doing cardio or weight training. Don't get me wrong these things have their time and place in a gym but what are you there for? If you are there just to do those things fine but if you are serious about your fitness and fat burning weight loss then focus on what you're there for. Doing your fat burning exercise at home can be just as challenging! There are as many distractions there also, phone calls, kids, unfinished jobs, etc. that can interrupt your exercise. One of the challenges of exercising at home is when we get side tracked most times we never get refocused to finish the fat burning job we started. It's kinda like when you're at work, can you do your job to your best potential if you are texting and watching TV will doing your job? Also your boss probably would not like it because your attention is not focused on the task at hand. So if you are serious about burning fat, losing weight and getting healthy, stay focused on the job at hand. This why it's important to find something that you enjoy doing because there are many great ways to burn fat. It's okay to mix it up, say maybe as the weather gets nicer go outdoors and run, ride bike, hike, etc. but give it 100%

I challenge you to focus on the job at hand and check your intensity level to see even greater results in your fat burning weight loss and fitness goals. So if you are serious about this thing called fitness let's put some intensity into it! Here is my recommendation to you, texting and reading can wait will you exercise! Focus to burn the fat!

Quote of the day: "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed."

I've been actively involved in a healthy and fit lifestyle all my life. I'm as fit and healthy at 54 as I was at 24 because of the habits and patterns I've developed in my life. My goal is to help people change their patterns to loss weight and get fit to develop a healthy lifestyle. This will be done thru education and support to empower people to make the changes necessary to reach their weight loss and fitness goals For more info you can to:

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Body Shapers - Get a Good Physique and Look Presentable

Gone are the days when getting voluptuous body used to be just a woman's domain, but now men also crave to enhance their overall appearance. Slowly with the developing demand for physical attractiveness and good looks, men have also become active participants and become sensible enough to understand the importance of looking presentable. But, the irony is that most men are not able to devote their times for practicing physical workouts or following healthy diets because of their hectic worklife. As a result, they end up getting popped up bellies and chubby cheeks. This is the reason why many healthcare companies have come up with body shapers that can help these men hide their flabs effectively without letting anybody know about the secret behind their sexy physique. It is not only the common man, who aspires for a great looking body many A-list Hollywood actors also accept that they use body suits to enhance their body shapes.

Ideal body shape

Almost every woman expects to have an arc glass figure with no extra fats around their problematic areas such as waist, hips, stomach, and thighs. In order to get rid of such unwanted fats, you are required to make certain essential changes in your eating and living habits. But women, who do not have the luxury to spend ample amount of time behind exercising, can take the help of women's shapewear. There are dresses that are made for particular occasions such as formal party dresses, for which you are required to have your physique to carry those dresses well. Formal dresses do not need any over-embellishment, but should ooze creativity, class and sophistication as some of them demand certain key features such as class, style and perfectly fit body. There are wide varieties of formal party dresses available on the market that you can experiment with all those dresses with the help of bodysuits.

Body shapers come in various varieties and can be considered as easy-to-wear garments. You can transform your body into a slim, shapely and flat one by drawing people's attention towards the areas such as legs, stomach, breasts, waist, and hips. Most women around the world get concerned about their thigh portions as it is the area where most of their fats get accumulated. This is the reason why many health care companies have come up with slimming pants that can help these women solve their bulkier thighs problems with a sexy look. These bodysuits are specially designed to provide you with a sense of ease and comfort after wearing it. You can wear it under all sorts of clothes and accentuate your overall looks with the help of these bodysuits. These bodysuits remain undetected under your clothes, and thus enable you to spend your day normally yet confidently. Within almost no time, you can cherish a figure that you have been craving for, since many years. The oozing confidence due to your voluptuous body can take you to the heights of success in your personal and professional stint both.

Shaily writes articles on health related issue and medication. Among her many written articles one is on body shapewear. Know more about body shapers to shape your body.

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