Weight Loss Tips for Everyone

Weight loss may not be easy, but there are tips that can help make reaching your goals easier. Losing weight is not only diet, but a lifestyle change. While this may sound overwhelming, it does not have to be if you incorporate some new daily habits. Here are some weight loss tips that everyone can follow.

Research weight loss plans. You may have been told that losing weight is really just a matter of eating less and moving more. It is not that easy for each weight loss plan is different and each appeals to different lifestyles. So do your homework.

Look at many different ones and see what works for you. Some weight loss plans are very complicated and require a large list of ingredients and lots of time preparing food. Other weight loss plans may include too many processed foods that are unhealthy in the long run while some may be just right for you; the right amount of food and the right amount of exercise.

Keep a weight loss journal. Use this journal to record things about yourself. Start with keeping track of what you eat; often people like to minimize the amount of food they eat like believing they ate a piece of chicken and salad when in reality it was chicken, white bread, macaroni in the salad and a soda. These calories add up so write it down.

Keep track of your moods when you eat, how you feel after you eat, and what triggers binge eating or even snacking when you are not healthy. This can help you identify obstacles that cause you to sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Plan your meals in advance and stick to it. We often fall off our diets when we are too hungry to cook and too tired to think. Being fatigued can cause you to turn into the nearest fast food restaurant and put off your diet until tomorrow. Having your meal ready, or even prepared ahead, can help you stick to your weight loss plan.

You can incorporate this tip in a number of ways. Pack your lunch the night before if you go to work. Prepare a large salad and keep it in an airtight container so all you have to do is reach for it. Cook proteins ahead of time and package by serving into baggies. Plan easy breakfasts like yogurt, granola and fruit. Keep plenty of fruits and veggies around for snacks. Work as much of these into your daily routine as possible.

Make exercise fun. When exercise is fun, you will stick to it better. Think about your personality and what you like to do. For example, it you are more social, try going to the gym with friends. Plan a game of racquetball or squash. Go early or stay later after the game to work out. There are plenty more ideas after this.

If you love the outdoors, try brisk walking, jogging or biking. Some people have brought back rebounding to use for exercise. If you like music, you might enjoy a kickboxing workout or aerobics workout to fun music. There are also classes with high energy salsa music or more relaxing yoga classes. You can go out for classes or get most of these on dvd. There are many choices for many personalities, fitness levels and body types. Find what you like and indulge in it. Of course, make sure your health matches the workout intensity by asking your doctor, if necessary.

Developing a healthy attitude on weight loss can make it fun and easier. Of course you will not have this healthy attitude every day, so work on it. Keep motivational notes around you to remind you of your goals and how well you have done so far. Listen to motivational tapes or use hypnotherapy, if you need to. Do what it takes every day to keep a healthy attitude.

Many people strive for weight loss while only a few are successful. But you can reach your goals if you stick to your plan, remain persistent and keep your goals in your thoughts. Hopefully these weight loss tips can help you get started today.

Cindy Papp is a Certified Nutritional Counselor; learn more weight loss tips and learn how a whole body cleanse can help, too.

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Vital Tips That You Need To Follow In Order To Lose Weight Rapidly! Don't Miss This At Any Cost

Do you want to lose weight rapidly? Would you like to have an amazing bikini body extremely fast? If so, you've come to the right place. You're about to discover some very vital things that you need to do in order to lose weight rapidly. I encourage you to read every word in this article.

Here are vital tips you need to follow in order to lose weight rapidly...

Strict eating schedule...

Most people think that they can lose weight by eating whenever they want. You need to have a strict diet for sure. But at the same time, you also need to eat at the right time. Eating at the wrong times can actually make your weight loss efforts counterproductive.

Always make sure that you have huge meals during breakfast and lunch. At night, always try to eat as little as possible. I'd suggest that you eat fruits at night instead of any food at all. You are not eating to satisfy your taste buds.

Get more sleep...

This is something very counter intuitive. Sleep plays a very important factor when it comes to boosting your fat burning process. Since you are dieting and working out your body daily, you are likely to lose energy quickly. And you need adequate amount of sleep in order to refill your energy level.

With adequate amount of sleep, your body will performing at the best level and your body will burn fat at great intensity. Make sure that you sleep anywhere between six to eight hours at night. Any less than that can be disastrous to your health.

Change your lifestyle...

Your lifestyle is the root cause of all diseases and problems. You are overweight now because of your lifestyle. Your weight loss success directly depends on your lifestyle. Even if you diet and workout like crazy, you won't experience any significant results if your lifestyle isn't good.

If you tend to drink alcohol and eat late in the night, you are going to have trouble losing weight. If you work for over 12 hours daily, it will lead to stress and this can cause you to put on weight. Adopt a healthier lifestyle.

If you are in debt and you need to work two jobs to repay the debt, just change your eating and drinking habits and get some exercise. Don't really focus on weight loss. Your primal focus is to get out of the debt. Make sure that you keep your focus on only one thing and one thing only.

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2 Effective Weight Loss Keys That Will Make Your Body Burn Fat Like Crazy! Read This Now

If you are looking to make your body burn fat like crazy, you need to become aware of certain weight loss keys that will boost your body's metabolism and help you shed those extra pounds.

Here are the effective weight loss keys which will make your body burn fat like crazy...

Replace your drinks...

The first thing that you need to do make your body burn fat like crazy is to completely replace the kind of drinks you drink. Coffee, Tea, Alcohol and other carbonated drinks increase the acidity levels in your body and slow down your body's metabolism (fat burning process). In the long run, this can be very counterproductive. You won't get any significant results despite of working out and dieting.

Replace all the drinks that promote acidity with fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices and water. Green tea is also something that works well for weight loss. Vegetable juices are more effective because they have lower levels of fructose when compared to fruit juices. You'll be avoiding excess sugar and will be able to cut down on a few calories as a result of choosing vegetable juices.

Another reason why I recommend these drinks is because they help wash away toxins present in your body. Your body consists of various toxins that have been accumulated as a result of your previous lifestyle. These toxins are actually slowing down your metabolism in a lot of ways. The fruit juices & vegetable juices will wash away these toxins if you drink them on a regular basis.

There's also one more thing I suggest you do. Eat vegetables instead of drinking vegetable juice. Vegetable juice is effective enough. But if you eat vegetables, you will boost your body's metabolism because they contain additional fiber. Fiber will ensure proper digestion and keep everything in balance.

Go the natural way...

Another mistake I notice a lot of people make is that they try artificial things to lose weight. Stop trying magic pills and potions that claim to help you lose weight. None of those pills really work and they cause various side effects. You don't want the negative consequences.

The best way to lose weight is through the natural way. The natural way will transform your life totally. I know it can be hard at first. But if you take the natural route and stick to it, you will come out as a far better person. You'll be the best you've ever been in all your life. You will have increased levels of success in almost every area of your life. Trust me, I've gone the natural way and that's how it feels for me.

A Sure shot Trick To Lose 3 Pounds A Week - There's an extremely effective system which will allow you to lose three pounds a week without starvation or pills... You will lose weight and get that sexy beach body in no time flat once you follow this system. I encourage you to find out more about this system on the following page - Click Here

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Need a Good Diet to Lose Weight? Here's Help to Have Yourself Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

What you need to keep in mind is that when you are thinking about getting on a good diet to lose weight, make sure you realize that just because this diet plan may work for someone else it doesn't mean that it is going to work for you and affect your body in a positive way. Even with that being said, there are certain things that a lot of diet plans have in common that can help anybody who uses them.

One aspect that most diet plans incorporate is the fact that water is a very important substance to help a person lose weight. Every diet plan should have a heavy interest in drinking water as a weight loss method. What you should be focusing on is knowing your correct daily calorie intake before you even get started on any kind of diet to help yourself burn fat.

Foods can either help you get rid of weight or they will help you gain weight which is why you need to be more knowledgeable of what foods you should be eating, and if you end up getting on a fad diet then you are definitely going to be frustrating yourself further. If your goal is to lose weight, then you absolutely need to be able to prioritize and organize so that you have a clear and laid out plan that you can follow step by step.

The way that I go about doing this is knowing that losing weight is all about sticking to healthy eating habits and throwing out all the foods that are making you gain weight, but I do always keep in mind that fat is something the body does need and let me explain why. There are certain fats in foods that can actually speed up the metabolism and help the body lose weight.

The fact of the matter is that a person can actually include pizza and apple pie in their diet while still being able to lose weight. What you need to start doing is start experimenting with foods that are mainly low in trans fat and unsaturated fats. It is without a doubt possible for person to use a healthy diet and begin burning fat in only a few days, and if they are motivated and dedicated then they can definitely reach their weight loss goal in a short amount of time.

Keep in mind that there are foods that cause weight gain, so make sure you are staying away from junk foods that are high in fat and stay away from prepackaged foods that are already cooked with additives put into them. Foods like this include those microwavable dinners that people enjoy eating when they don't have time to fix a healthy meal. This is a good diet to lose weight that you should consider using.


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How To Lose Those Unwanted Pounds

Well, here I am again to encourage you to lose those unwanted pounds you have been carrying around for so long. Everyday some new study comes out to tell us what the best way to do that is. Healthy eating, exercising, dieting, eating less, all of the above. A little bit of each.

We are told, according to some studies, that we should question ourselves as to the reasons we want to lose the weight. If your plan is to eat healthier, read up on nutrition. Everywhere you turn, there are articles on nutrition, Hospitals have classes to teach us about nutrition, we can start there, they have nutritionists to guide us.

Are you serious about losing the weight? Is the reason or reasons you are failing, beyond your control? Did you quit your walks because you were not seeing any results on the scale? Don't give up, but although weighing in every day is not for everyone, it is easier to keep track of your caloric consumption if you do.

Don't weight at different times of the day, if you are going to weigh do so at the same time each day. Focus on why you need or want to lose the weight. Sometimes, the reason maybe that you want to fit into that pretty outfit you have or want; other times, it is because of your health.

You may be borderline diabetic, or you may be hyper-tense and would like to quit the meds you are taking, your cholesterol may be high. Ladies the reasons have to mean serious business for you; but don't go about it so drastically that you defeat yourself before you start. In our society, our portions keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. What used to be an eight ounce cup, turned into a ten ounce and that turned into twelve, from there it went to fourteen, then sixteen and the latest, a thirty-six ounce cup.

Needles to say, our stomachs grow in proportion to our portions but so do our hips and waistlines as well our kids, if we have any, our husbands and or our significant others. We turn into couch-potatoes. The problem is, bigger is not always better. Possible solutions? Walk, if you can't do so every day, try three times a week, make it a family deal, invite your husband, your children a friend, walking alone can be boring, walk your dog or invite it to walk you, that's always fun!. And don't forget the sex part!

Cut down on your portions by one-third. Eat smaller portions, use a smaller dish, don't take seconds. Eat fruit, nuts, and grains. Cut down on your carbs, notice I did not say eliminate your carbs. Cut down on all refined sugars, and starch. While you experiment, try cooking half whole grain pasta and half refined. Store healthy tasty snacks.

Put together reduced fat cheese with whole grain crackers; keep low sugar yogurt with fresh fruits, air popcorn. Remember, a serving size of whole grains equals 1 ounce. It is a good idea to buy a food scale to keep better track of your portions. And good luck!

Gladys Alvarez has done what millions of interested people were hoping for; the legwork concerning weight loss and health issues. With 45 years experience in the health, fitness and weight loss fields; and through extensive research, she has finally eliminated all the hype out of the losing weight plans that are in the online weight loss programs, presenting you with only the very best. As a correspondent who has traveled world wide and experienced first hand the different styles of nutrition in diverse countries. For more information on health issues and weight loss, please visit her website at http://www.problemslosingweight.com/ TODAY!!!!!!!

Copyright (c) http://www.gladysalvarez.com/ All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Is the Permanent Way

Healthy eating for weight loss provides you with the ideal way to have radiant health as well as an enviable body weight. Losing weight this way is easy as you don't have to starve yourself or count calories.

The disadvantages of many weight loss programmes is that they don't consider your long term health. They mislead you into focusing on counting calories, or not combining foods or some other difficult-to-implement practice.

Let's consider counting calories. If you just focus on calories, you could be eating all the wrong foods. You may be able to lose the odd pound/kilo, but in the process you are likely to be starving. It's highly unlikely that you will be able to maintain this (meagre?) weight loss.

Another common diet is the combining diet. Practically speaking this can be difficult to implement if you eat out at all. It can also lead you astray regarding your long term health, as it doesn't keep you focused on consuming the healthiest foods.

A low fat diet is invariably badly used and contributes to a worse situation afterwards. It can get you into bad habits and your health suffers as a result.

Although the Mediterranean diet has some virtues, it advocates a high consumption of a very unhealthy food. Because of this, many common Mediterranean diets are extremely unhealthy, contributing to an array of health disorders.

None of these diets are giving you the space to adapt to your personal needs.

So the first thing you need to understand is what the unhealthy foods are and why. Then you need to know what the healthy foods are. Within this, you can personalise your requirements according to your blood type or your preferences. There is no need to starve as you can eat as much as you like.

You can try different approaches to see which one suits you best.

When you eat healthy food, your body is being nourished. Cravings and perpetual hunger are a sure sign that your body is not being nourished. It is crying out for real food it has never had. Fat people are more likely to be poorly nourished than thin people. Their 'greed' is more a desperate need on the part of their body to get something nutritious.

Healthy eating for weight loss combines the needs of your body with the needs of your mind - perfect health and a slim, lean body, the envy of your friends.

Madeleine Innocent is a full time natural health consultant specialising in diet-for-health and homeopathy. She treats both people and animals within these two disciplines. She also coaches people both on- and off-line, on these subjects. For more information, visit:
Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

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Brown Cell Fat Loss - Omega-3 to the Rescue

We are a nation of obese adults and children and it has become a national health care crisis. Obesity is simply the result of an imbalance between calories consumed and energy expended. When you see an obese person you can understand that all that excess weight is excess energy that this person has not used up. Unfortunately, losing the weight can be a daunting, if not impossible, task.

There are two types of fat cells; brown fat cells and white fat cells. White fat cells function as a padding around the bodies organs, fat storage, energy release, and insulin resistance; while brown fat cells is used for both basal energy expenditure and increasing metabolism as well as changing insulin sensitivity. It regulates body temperature and helps burn calories.

The brown cells can burn fat like small power houses which provide energy to the body's cells. They produce heat that becomes the bodies heating system. Babies have a lot of these fat burning cells and if they did not they would easily become cold. Adults do not have so much of these fat burning cells and obese people have none or almost none. It is not know whether being obese destroys the brown fat or not having it causes obesity in adults.

People who suffer with thyroid malfunction or a slow thyroid, usually suffer from the cold and need to add clothing even when the temperature is moderate. Even in the summer time these people feel cold, especially their hands and feet. With this condition, the metabolism slows to the point that there is very little energy and very little brown fat activity.

Since it is possible that obesity has to do with the lack of these fat burning cells in our systems, finding a way to increase or turn on our fat burning furnaces could be the elusive answer to weight loss for obese people. Until this mystery is solved, what can we do to aid fat burning activity in our bodies?

Stress high omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in brown fat function. Add fatty fish such as tuna or salmon to your diet and/or add a natural fish oil supplement to your diet. Make sure it is a supplement that has not been stripped of essential fatty acids.

Always check with your primary health care provider before changing your diet or adding any supplement to your regime. This is especially important if you are taking prescribed medications.

Virginia takes a keen interest in all maters relating to health and fitness. She also does research in the areas of natural dietary supplements.

If you are concerned about your health, as I am sure you are, suggest you visit Best Fish Oil Supplement to obtain information on a fish oil supplement with astonishing health benefits relating to brown fat.


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2 Dumb Mistakes That Prevent You From Successfully Losing Weight! Do Not Ignore This

Do you feel very frustrated when working on your weight loss plan? Are you feeling overwhelmed? If you've had a hard time with your weight loss, it could be because you are committing certain mistakes that are preventing you from burning fat successfully. These mistakes are fatal and can screw your chances completely. You must avoid them at all costs if you want to lose weight.

Here are the dumb mistakes that prevent you from successfully losing weight...

Listening to others...

Listening to the opinions of others is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to losing weight. You shouldn't listen to your friends or relatives at all when you are working on your weight loss plans. Just because your friends have lost a few pounds before doesn't mean that they really know what will work for you. A fad diet might have worked for them. But we don't know what will work for you.

And at the same time, you need to stop listening to friends who'll tell you that it's okay to be overweight. Believe me, there are some people who'd like to lose weight but will never go out there and work their asses off because they are too lazy and don't have the self-discipline.

Such people will tell you that it's not a problem if you are overweight and that you need to be yourself. It's a big problem if you are overweight. It isn't cool. I used to be slim and athletic when I was growing up. But as soon as I put on weight, I couldn't live with myself. It isn't cool.

Being overweight affects you just like how being in debt affects you. Being overweight as well as being in debt affects the quality of your life. It also hurts your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. The more you live with it, the worse it's going to get. Therefore, stop listening to others and start trusting your own gut. You need to lose that weight.

Trying the magic pill...

We are increasingly becoming a culture that relies on a magic pill to get us what we want. There are dozens of companies that try to cheat you by selling magic pills that will help you lose weight overnight. You need to stop relying on such things. There isn't a magic pill that's going to drop your pounds. There isn't a magic shortcut to everything.

There are lots of diet pills on the market that make various claims. They claim that it will increase your metabolism and help you eat less. All of it is 100% B.S. Diet pills do not work and they have nasty side effects. Now there are some pills that can help boost your metabolism. But if you eat them alone without working out and following a strict diet, you will get no real results.

A Sure shot Trick To Lose 3 Pounds A Week - There's an extremely effective system which will allow you to lose three pounds a week without starvation or pills... You will lose weight and get that sexy beach body in no time flat once you follow this system. I encourage you to find out more about this system on the following page - Click Here

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The Health Risks of Excess Body Fat

Today, it can be said that most people's motivation for losing weight is more related to improving their physical appearance than any other singular purpose. Not that this is not important but that is more important to understand the true benefits of achieving healthy weight loss.

There is actually a very strong link between weight and health and many studies have severally indicated that extra body weight leads to an earlier death. This is because even small amount of excess body weight can increase an individual's risk of a lot of life-threatening diseases.

On a general note, disease risk increases as your weight gain tips over into the unhealthy weight range and into the overweight range. The disease however significantly increases when an individual's weight gain crosses over into the obese range. And this is in fact one major cause of early mortality in the United States.

For instance, a recent large study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, discovered that weight gain of just about 10 or 20 extra pounds increases the risk of death among adults. This point would be better brought home with an understanding of the fact that about 54% of all deaths of men and women result from heart disease - a health condition which is generally worsened by being either overweight or obese.

Some of the health implications associated with unhealthy body weight includes:
High blood pressure and hypertensionHeart disease and strokeAdult onset DiabetesGastrointestinal diseasesDisruptive sleep apneaFatty liverGallbladder diseaseIncreased overall premature mortalitySeveral forms of cancers such as uterine, breast and colon cancerOsteoarthritis of the knees and other weight-bearing joints

The good news however is that by losing some of the extra weight, you will just improve your appearance and look your best on the outside, but you will also be able to enter into a very powerful prevention mode than can prolong your life by greatly reducing the risk of future disease.

Reducing excess body weight actually has a very significant part to play in helping us fight diseases and maintaining good health. Interestingly, there is solid evidence showing that even a relatively small amount of weight loss can help to improve your health significantly.

For instance, doctors have commonly advise their overweight or obese patients with high blood pressure to lose weight because experience has shown that by just reducing their weight alone, most patients have gotten their blood pressure under control without the need for further blood pressure medication.

Some of the benefits of healthy weight loss include the treatment and prevention of type II diabetes, heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, unhealthy blood cholesterol levels, and other chronic diseases.

Also, losing excess body weight reduces disorders, reduces the incidence and duration of hospitalization, reduces by almost 8 times the risk of dying from either heart disease or cancers, and can also reduce the incidence of diabetes by as much as 58%.

Health is truly wealth and therefore it is important to always try to achieve and sustain a goal weight that is in the healthy weight range.

Healthy weight loss is no doubt a fascinating subject! To get topnotch, impartial, and well-researched weight loss tips and information, visit http://www.best-weight-loss-tips.net/ today!

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Lose Weight the Vegetarian Way

Here we are, not quite the way we would like to be, but all of a sudden we find ourselves overweight, perhaps with secondary effects due to the extra weight, not quite sure what to do next, which diet to start and wondering how we got here.

The answer probably lies in the kind of foods we have been consuming for most of our lives and since we live in a country of plenty, what we consume comes in portions that could feed two people at once, but because it's in front of us, we feel compelled to eat it all by ourselves.

Our cups have gone from eight ounces to 32 ounces; our dishes have grown from 12 inches to 14 inches or more. A hamburger has gone from one patty to up to four patties, plus lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, ketchup, cheese AND bread, but what is most striking, is watching some people stuffing all of the above in one bite! Did you ever hear the saying "We Eat to Live, We don't Live to Eat" although to see ourselves eating, we could fool anyone.

Have you ever wondered what your blood density would look like after ingesting something like that? Have you wondered what all that fat does to our arteries? To our poor hearts? Is it a wonder that every 34 seconds a person in the US dies of heart problems, and every 20 seconds a person in the US has a heart attack. I could continue to give you endless statistics, but you get what I am trying to show you.

Time for a curtain call! If what we have done so far has not worked, then it's time for a change of venue.
We need to start by charting ourselves a plan:

No more fast food, saturated fats, excessive salt, processed meats! Do you consider that a punishment? Think positive, think of you as turning the corner into great health!

Neal Barnard, MD, President, Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, DC and author of Eat Right, Live Longer suggests that "total vegetarian diets are best at successfully modifying eating habits in a way that produces lasting results".

Our former President of the US, Mr. Bill Clinton when faced with a serious heart problem, decided to turn vegetarian and you can tell how well he is feeling and looks.

It sounds like it's really a tremendous effort, but it's really very simple. Vegetarians learn not to eat red meat, poultry, fish (anything with a face) or dairy products. It is also very low in fat content. It is recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits and grains in order to maintain a normal energy level.

If you are eating the proper foods which supply you with the necessary nutrients your body needs, you will increase your energy level, otherwise take a multiple vitamin; consult your physician or pharmacist as to which one is best for you.

Give it a shot, the results may surprise you!

Here is to our good health!

Gladys Alvarez has done what thousands of interested people were hoping for; the legwork concerning weight loss and health issues. With many years experience in the medical field and through extensive research, she has eliminated all the hype out of the Losing Weight programs that are in the market today, presenting you with only the very best. With many years experience as a Correspondent who has traveled worldwide, and experienced first hand the different styles of nutrition in diverse countries. Gladys encourages you to visit her website at http://www.bestweightlossplanss.com/ TODAY!

Copyright (c) http://www.gladysalvarez.com/ All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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How To Lose 5 Pounds After Thanksgiving

Would you like to know how to lose 5 pounds after Thanksgiving? We all worry about our waistlines. Some of just think about what we can do about it, but some of us want to know what things we can do about it now. I want to be in the latter category, don't you? It makes you feel good that you are doing something positive for your health and your future.

At this point, Thanksgiving is over and whatever happened, happened. There is no taking it back. You may be extremely proud of how you handled the holiday and all the tempting foods. Or, you may be wishing you could go back and do it all over again with better choices. Whichever category you are in, you probably want to know how to lose 5 pounds after Thanksgiving because you know that all those Xmas holiday parties are right around the corner and you have to be able to handle them all.

Here are 3 strategies you can use:

1. Think Liquid. One of the biggest weight gainers over the Xmas holidays (that goes unnoticed) are all the decadent, fancy, unusual drinks. If you make up your mind, right now, that the only beverage you are going to drink for the next 30 days is water, you can save yourself anywhere from 900 to 5000 calories each week. Just one 8 oz. soda gives you 150 extra calories. Wouldn't 1 oz. of a specialty chocolate taste better? It is such a simple strategy, yet very effective. And so easy to implement, cause water is readily available everywhere and you do not have to feel uncomfortable by making a special request.

2. Think Movement. Make it your priority to get an hour of exercise in every day. Impossible you say? Not if you decide ahead of time and make it a priority. Here are some ideas to accomplish getting your exercise in:

a. Get up an hour earlier. I know. Not the easiest thing to do. But if you have a treadmill at home, you can be on your machine and giving instructions to the hubby and kids what to wear, what to have for breakfast, where to find the cereal, all while you are "fitting" it in. Because if you tell them you can help them after you get off in 35 minutes...my guess is they will help themselves rather than wait for you.

b. Shop online rather than spend hours of time in traffic, in check out lines, and frustrated with the crowds. I just purchased an Amazon gift card for my daughter in law for the first time. I figure that way she can pick out her own gifts and enjoy them more. That leaves me more time for the treadmill.

3.Think Services. For years you have been doing it all. Perhaps this is the year to change things up and have it done for you. Rather that have that holiday party at home, choose a catering service to do it for you and a cleaning service to come before and after the event. What a nice gift for you! And guess what: you can be on the treadmill while they are doing the cleaning for you. Now wouldn't that be the best tasting morsel of the season? There is no doubt in my mind you could lose 5 pounds after Thanksgiving by implementing any of these strategies.

You can implement any one of these, or all three in your quest to lose 5 pounds after Thanksgiving.

I invite you to start your journey towards learning better habits and better health, by Downloading your FREE Special Report on "Sugar Solutions That Work" by visiting Crush Sugar Cravings where you can learn how different foods are affecting your appetite and health.

You can also get more action tips and ideas fro my blog: http://conquersugarcravings.com/

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Want to Drink Tea to Lose Weight? Here's What You Need to Do

In the world we live in today, there are always people who are trying to find the best ways to help themselves lose weight so that they can look good and sexy in the clothes that they've always wanted to wear. Being overweight really isn't something that is acceptable in the society we live in today, and it can most definitely have a serious impact on a person's career. If you want to drink green tea to lose weight you'll learn how to do it, just keep reading.

Even though a lot of people know that exercising and dieting are very important to help a person struggling to lose weight, there are still a lot of people who are confused at the fact that even though they are exercising and dieting, they are still gaining weight. A lot of people don't know this about green tea but there is a chemical in it that helps with weight loss and it also helps with a lot of other things.

Green tea is something that can help in preventing cancer or dealing with cancer, and it also helps in raising the amount of antioxidants in the blood so that it is less likely for the person to contract heart disease. The way that green tea is actually made is fresh pea leaves are steamed and the chemical EGCG gets released.

When a person drinks green tea, this chemical begins starting a process known as thermogenesis which raises the body heat temperature therefore making the metabolism speed up and burn calories faster. What I want to inform you of are the harmful side effects that can occur from drinking green tea as your primary weight loss method.

All tea contains a significant amount of caffeine no matter what the brand, and consuming too much caffeine can without a doubt hurt the body in ways that don't only pertain to weight loss.

When you drink too much caffeine during the day just to try and help yourself lose weight the side effects that can occur are dizziness and lightheadedness, you may be restless, you will definitely have hunger cravings that make you want to eat at ton of food, and sleep will be hard to get.

So if you are using green tea as a method to lose weight, then I recommend that you only drink 3 to 5 cups of it every day, and after that just stick to drinking water for the rest of the day and don't drink anymore green tea.

Now if you are pregnant and you are seeking green tea as a method to help with your weight loss, then you shouldn't even do it because caffeine is one of the biggest causes for miscarriages during pregnancy.

Something else that is a side effect from drinking a lot of green tea is that there is an acid in it that can cause kidney damage. Now drinking tea to lose weight is a phenomenal method to use, but just know that there are certain issues that can arise from drinking too much of it.


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Weight Loss Willpower - Tools for Long-Term Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the most effective ways to ward off disease and premature death. Carrying around just ten extra pounds of body fat increases your risk of diabetes, cancer, and all-cause mortality. And though diet plans are a dime a dozen, effective tools for long-term weight loss are hard to come by, but I hope to show you that you CAN develop weight loss willpower that will last a lifetime.

Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off? In particular, how can we be so completely committed to a diet plan one minute only to be bamboozled by the next pizza slice or double-decker chocolate cake we come across? Well, as usual there's no single simple answer to this question, but here are some ideas. First of all, when we were traipsing desperately across the African savannah tens of thousands of years ago, our brains had to come up with a way to motivate us to survive and procreate. In order to survive, we had to eat, but food back then was difficult (sometimes dangerous) to come by, so our brains had to make us want it bad. Enter dopamine and taste sensation-without them, eating would be boring, at best.

Today, though we continue to operate with that same primitive brain-the one that says, "Eat high-calorie food whenever it's available!" - we live in the modern world, where, for better or worse, high-calorie food is constantly available at every corner. And until our brains catch up to that fact, we have a challenging dilemma. And for most of us, weight loss willpower is too short-lived to overcome the relentless pull of the calorie-rich, nutrient-poor food that makes up the Standard American Diet (SAD).

So how about those tools for long-term weight loss? For most of us, achieving a healthy body weight will mean making significant lifestyle changes-from eating less to exercising more. But wait, is eating less an effective weight loss measure? Actually, according to the research, only about three percent of people manage to lose weight permanently through portion-control diets. For the other 97%, the pull of highly-stimulating, salty, fatty, sugary food is too much, and they revert back to the SAD. Luckily, there is a diet style that allows you to eat almost as much as you want while losing weight. Plus, this way of eating provides protection against heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes-the major killers of Americans.

This eating style goes by several names from high-nutrient eating to Eat to Live, and it centers around green vegetables. That's right, the secret tool for long-term weight loss is to eat large amounts of vegetables, fruits, beans, and seeds. A quick scan of the scientific literature will reveal literally thousands of peer-reviewed, published articles corroborating the amazing benefits of a diet based on unrefined plant foods.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, "I could NEVER eat like that." But, dear reader, allow me to gently remind you that your ancient brain, while it's managed to keep you alive so far, is not very interested in your long-term health--it's more into instant gratification. Please know also that taste is learned and it can be relearned. If I kidnapped you and force-fed you for a month, not only would you lose a significant amount of weight, but your cholesterol and lipid numbers would drop along with fasting blood sugar. Perhaps most important is that, after about two weeks of my nutrient-rich cuisine, you'd actually start to like it!

At that point, weight loss willpower becomes much less important because the pull of SAD starts to weaken as cravings diminish, and your pleasure in eating returns to normal, even on a diet of leafy greens, fruit, seeds, and nuts.

Hard to imagine, I know, but I hope you'll give it a shot and increase the likelihood of finally achieving a lifetime healthy body weight. The best way to start? Eat a VERY LARGE salad every day, beginning today!

Mylea Israel is a certified Nutrition Education Trainer. Her passion is showing folks the science behind high-nutrient eating--what it is and why it's mandatory for excellent health. After that, the real work begins with training in the psychology of permanent weight loss. To learn more about healthy long term weight loss, check out her website at http://www.crashyourdiet.com/.

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The Connection Between Weight And Depression

The medical and psychological communities are starting to come around to a more holistic idea when viewing illnesses of the body and mind: our body and mind are not separate compartments, they have a constant connection and influence on one another. For this reason, many people now recognize that physical problems can start in the mind and problems in the mind can be influenced by physical factors. One area in which researchers find the aforementioned statement to be true is weight control. Many studies, including one published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, are establishing a link between weight control and depression. This conclusion is intuitively self-evident to many people, especially if they struggle with weight control, depression or both. Let's take a closer look at the relationship between weight control in terms of excessive weight gain and depression in order to better understand how they influence one another and how to end the unhealthy cycle.

One question many people ask when they accept that weight gain and depression go hand in hand, but like the chicken or the egg, many people wonder which one comes first? Unfortunately there is no clear answer to this one: depression and weight gain contribute to each other, but we can't definitively decide in which direction. Weight gain can cause depression and depression can cause some to gain weight. Weight gain can lead to lower self-esteem and decreased physical functioning; enzyme and metabolic process are not functioning properly and this can affect serotonin levels and brain functioning which can cause depression. Likewise, depression can lead to a decreased physical activity, overeating and indulging in comfort foods and junk food and this can lead to gaining weight. Pinpointing where the cycle starts isn't necessarily the key to breaking the unhealthy cycle-understanding how both contribute to each other, as mentioned above, is the way to identify unhealthy habits and find a way to create new, healthy ones.

Whether you are suffering from excessive weight gain, depression, or likely both, it is important that you seek professional help to address both issues. Resolving one issue often leads to the resolution of another. Seek a form of therapy and guidance that empowers your sense of control over your body and mind by helping you focus on building healthy habits related to eating, exercise, and mood regulation. Your body and mind are more intimately connected than you realize, and you are the driver of your body and mind. You also have more power than you realize when it comes to controlling your thoughts and habits, so take advantage of professional help that helps you take the reins of your life with strength and confidence.

About the Author

Maureen Hamilton is an Integrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a Demartini Method Facilitator. Maureen has previously worked in many areas of health in Australia as well as overseas. Her health background includes training in general and midwifery nursing, mental health and children's behavioural issues (including the effects of emotional trauma especially in children). Maureen is very much involved in promoting and assisting people to obtain optimal health and is absolutely committed to helping people to stop smoking and/or lose weight naturally using Hypnosis and NLP.
If you would like to find out more, visit http://masteryourlifepower.com/ and and talk to Maureen about your requirements.

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Plan Your Workouts and Exercises

Planning your workouts and exercises can be just as important as doing the exercises themselves. Lots of people go to the gym and just pick something to do. Maybe it is starting with some cardio and then doing a few weight training exercises. Yes, that is great you are getting some exercise in and you should be very proud of yourself for that. But there can be more to your workout that will help you in getting better results.

How can I get more out of my workouts, you ask. No matter how your day is, at some point planning is involved. Well, working out is set the same way.

So let's say you know you will workout four days this week. In those four days you want to have a goal of getting your full body trained and your cardio in. Let's break this up to say you will be working out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Now you could have another combination in mind but we will use this one to explain this. So in those days let's say you will have about an hour to hour and half to workout. Depending on the level of training experience you have, this schedule could vary. On Monday you will get a full body workout in. On Tuesday you will get a good cardio workout in. Thursday you can do that full body workout again and Friday do cardio again. In a sense that is very simple and basic, but I think you get the point.

You can now start the week off knowing that you have a plan to workout for four days and what you will be doing on each of those days. Don't you feel a little bit relieved that you don't have to think about what you will be doing when you get to the gym? This is also a big motivation for you to know that for four days this week you will be working out.

So, in a sense you can stop there and go about your week with the plan of action in place. Or, you can really dig in deeper and plan out each day's workout, what exercises will you do on the full body days, with the resistance levels and sets and reps in order. And on the cardio days you can set the levels up with which type of cardio you will do. So now you have motivated yourself even more to get this plan done.

Well that could be it, right? Sure, but what is going to happen next week when you go to the gym? You could follow the same plan that you set for the previous week. There is no problem with that but you want to make sure that after four to six weeks of doing one plan that you change it up. And that could be anything from increasing the weight and lowering the reps to switching the exercise type that you have chosen.

So now you have your workout schedule completed. Again, there is another thing you can do to make life even easier on your schedule. This is where you can get a calendar and/or your organizer out. I like both for beginners. Why? Because one, you can look at your calendar at home and see the results of your completed days and week and two, with the organizer you can view how your workouts fit into your days.

What will you get from this? Results, results, and more results. That is right! With making the schedule I am sure you can see that you will make the time to workout and be more organized with them. And the most important thing is that you will be much happier with yourself and your exercise time.

David Mendel
Follow on Twitter @FitnessHook

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Overweight People Eat Fewer Meals Than Others

From my experience, I have found that often when people want to lose weight they cut down on how many times they eat over the course of a day. Instead of having say 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks, they will cut out the snacks. Accordingly, many overweight people eat infrequently or irregularly generally three times a day or as little as once or twice. I can see why people think this would be beneficial because surely if you're not eating very often you must be eating less food and therefore you should lose any excess weight.

Unfortunately the opposite occurs. If you're only eating a few times a day you need large portions to satisfy the hunger and keep you going until you eat again which may be 5 - 6 hours or even longer if you're only eating once or twice a day. Some people don't realise that our stomachs are only the size of our fist and are therefore not designed to hold huge amounts. Therefore the stomach expands and the metabolism slows down as the body struggles to constantly process too much food. In addition you are also inclined to overeat virtually every time you have a meal. This is because you are extremely hungry as your body has gone without food for such long periods of time.

Those of us who are naturally thin, tend to eat small portions regularly throughout the day allowing us to lose excess weight and keep it off. This is absolute common-sense. If you eat frequently, you won't get over hungry. This means you will be satisfied with small portions of food. Your blood sugars remain balanced and you don't experience the highs and lows of being either starving or overfull. You are basically giving your body the amount of food it requires when it actually needs it. Therefore it can process it easily, which leads to an increase in your metabolism.

In my own experience, since embracing Natural Eating and eating at least 7 times a day, I can truly say that I eat more food over the course of a day than I used to when I only ate twice. The difference is I have effectively sped my metabolism up by eating regularly and I am no longer trying to plough my way through large meals that my body struggles to process.

So if you really want to lose weight, don't deprive yourself by eating less often, try listening to your body instead and eat "naturally." If you really pay attention you may find that you want food every 2 - 3 hours. You will be satisfied with smaller portions and enjoy feeling light and healthy as your body is no longer weighed down by large amounts of food.

Prior to discovering Natural Eating, I'd had food and weight related issues for over 20 years. Since discovering Natural Eating in the late 1990's and combining it with Personal Development, I have now maintained a healthy and natural weight for over 12 years. I now run my own business, Nourish'N Nurture, teaching people how to lose weight naturally without dieting. In addition I have written an e-book entitled "Empower yourself by eating what you want - how to lose weight naturally without dieting." For a FREE copy please click the following link http://www.weightlossandpersonalgrowth.com/Home.html

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A Review of Isabel Rios's The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios is one very effective nutrition program that utilizes very sound and innovative nutritional principles founded on recent scientific research, along with some motivational tips to help dieters achieve permanent long-term weight loss success.

Isabel's program is the result of her 15 years of study and research as a certified lifestyle coach, nutritionist, and fitness expert. This program is also a product of her frustration and experience as an overweight teenager from a family with a medical history of diabetes which led her to embark on a search for a solution.

Going by the degree of work done on this program and its success since its launch, Isabel enthusiastically calling her program "the most comprehensive and detailed nutritional manual available on the market today" would not be an overstatement.

Without needing to sound cliché, Isabel highly recommends that anyone using her program should first take the time to access what they specifically want to achieve through the program and thereafter prepare themselves mentally in order to reach their goals.

She advocates that dieters write down their specific goals; make a personal resolve to reach those goals; and to visualize themselves as already having achieved the goals in question. Dieters are equally advised to keep a journal as well as paste their weight loss goals around their immediate environment for them to constantly be reminded of what exactly they are.

In her Diet Solution Program, Isabel helps her readers to come to a better understanding of the most efficient and effective weight loss principles that have worked for her during her personal experience and also during her practice.

The Diet Solution Program also comes with well-designed meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to help dieters maximize the benefits of the program.

The program is essentially designed to help you eat according to your specific body type through an understanding of your particular metabolic makeup. The program thereby categorizes dieters into three different groups - each with its own distinct dietary guidelines.

You don't need to worry about which group you fall into because Isabel uses a series of questionnaires to help you determine your specific metabolic type and thereafter classify you as a carbohydrate, protein or mixed type. This approach obviously makes a lot of sense because we are all unique individuals with different genetic makeup.

The Diet Solution Program also recommends engaging in regular physical exercise that includes both cardiovascular and strength training. The three (3) eBooks that comes with the program covers some ultimate fat burning workouts and amazing abs training to help user's fast-track their weight loss and body sculpting efforts.

However, it is important to note that this is not one of those hocus-pocus weight loss programs promising to help you lose 20 pounds overnight - your success will mostly depend on your inner desire and resolve to stay on the program.

In conclusion, the Diet Solution Program is a highly recommended nutrition and exercise based weight loss program with a very successful track record in helping user's effectively and safely lose unhealthy body weight.

You can therefore be rest assured that you will not only lose weight but will also experience a very significant energy and vitality boost.

To get more information about The Diet Solution Program, and also to get more topnotch weight loss tips, visit http://www.best-weight-loss-tips.net/ today!

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2 Important Things You Need To Do At All Costs In Order To Lose Weight Fast! A Must Read

Losing weight takes time and nothing happens overnight. If you are someone who wants to lose weight overnight, I suggest that you stop reading this page right now. Nothing happens overnight. Weight loss is a long process and it takes time to achieve results. But there are some things that you can do to accelerate your weight loss journey and help you get your goal faster.

Here are the important things you need to do at all costs in order to lose weight fast...

Control your urges and stick to your diet...

The first thing that you need to do is to control your urges. Never listen to your feelings and eat the wrong food for any reason. Always stick to your diet plan and don't navigate from it. It is crucial that you stick to your diet and control your cravings. There's a difference between real hunger and hunger that is motivated by emotions (Emotional eating).

Did you wonder why you are overweight in the first place? It's due to emotional eating. We seek external things such as a certain type of food in order to satisfy our emotional urges. You'll notice people who just broke up eat a lot of junk food. They do that to satisfy their emotional urges.

There are people who tend to drink almost regularly in order to combat the stress they are experiencing in their lives. There are some who do it in order to feel high without realizing that we are in control of those emotions. We've been scripted by those Hollywood movies that we are our feelings.

The truth is far from the script Hollywood has given us. We are very much in control of your emotions. Nobody else can make you feel better or worse than you. Remember: You always have the ability to choose your response. It's called being proactive and the most vital trait that every human must possess. If you'd like to learn more about this, I recommend you read Victor Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning".

High intensity cardio workouts...

Doing high intensity cardio workouts is going to help you achieve those results faster. If you are willing to put in 1 1/2 hours a day into your workouts every single day for the next 90 days and control your emotional urges at the same time, you will achieve your goals for sure. You will lose an extraordinary amount of weight within that short amount of time.

Don't try to do high intensity weight training exercises. You might hurt yourself while doing weight training exercises. Go slow with weight training. But when it comes to cardio, make sure that you do it at high levels of intensity. It's going to be hard but increase gradually. Day by day, increase your level by a minute or so.

A Sure shot Trick To Lose 3 Pounds A Week - There's an extremely effective system which will allow you to lose three pounds a week without starvation or pills... You will lose weight and get that sexy beach body in no time flat once you follow this system. I encourage you to find out more about this system on the following page - Click Here

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Eating Healthy Foods - Food With Low Calories

The simple truth is if you take in more calories than you use you are going to put on weight. If you keep doing this you will keep putting on weight and your health will suffer. To avoid this you can do one of two things: eat less food or eat food with fewer calories. Most people could eat less food and be healthier anyway. The problem with that is this can make you feel hungry, which is self-defeating. On the other hand, food with low calories generally does not leave you feeling hungry.

Our body needs calories
Our body does need a certain number of calories just to keep working. For men this is somewhere between 2000 and 2400 a day and for women from 1600 to 2000, depending on their ages. Most people have well above this but it is still important not go overboard by trying to cut your calorie intake right down. Some diets can be dangerous unless they are done under supervision. We are not talking about doing that. We are talking about making sure you include more food with low calories into your diet.

If you are physically very active, you need more calories than the average person, because you will burn them off. That's why you will often see people who are physically active continually snacking or grazing. They are looking to replace that energy. Because they are so active they not only need the extra energy but they avoid becoming overweight because they burn off any excess calories

Be aware of foods high in calories
You do not need to become a calories counter but you do need to be aware of the foods that are high in calories. These foods are generally the unhealthy foods. They are the foods that most overweight people have been eating - and that is often why they have a weight problem. Foods with high sugar content have a lot of calories - popular breakfast cereals, sodas, and soft drinks. There are other obvious ones such as chocolate, candy bars, cakes and cookies. They are enticing because we all like sugar, but they do have a lot of calories.

Health professionals tell us we should be eating smaller quantities several times a day rather than having large meals several hours apart. The food they recommend is generally low-fat and low-sugar, which means low-calorie. This sustains our energy, keeps our blood sugar more even and helps control our weight.

We do need to think about what we are putting into our bodies. Doctors, and now Governments, are warning us of the dangers of becoming overweight. They are telling us obesity is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, health problems in the Western world. We all need to take care we to not fall into the modern trap of eating too much high calorie food. If we want to be healthy, which means controlling our weight, we should know the difference between food with low calories and food with high calories.

Eating healthy foods and eating food with low calories are important ways to control weight and to stay healthy. You will find more ideas on how to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle when you visit http://www.squidoo.com/how-can-i-lose-weight-now William Burnell enjoys the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle and likes to help others to do the same.

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Flabby Belly? How To Get Rid Of A Flabby Belly Quickly

Here's a 5 quick tips that if followed, will help you to get rid of a flabby belly fast, at home.

If you have a flabby belly, and have been wanting to get rid of it, then these five (no more fat belly) tips will get you there easily in no time.

Get Rid Of A Flabby Belly Quickly

Tip #1: Do all day crunches. Every time you get a free 30 seconds, do some crunches or sit ups. Throughout your day whenever you find that you are standing around waiting or not doing anything, do a set of crunches for 30 seconds. Have a specific number that you are trying to do every day and as that number get easier to reach increase it. Start with 150 total crunches for the day and grow from there.

Tip #2: Snack your abs flat. Snack all day on healthy treats. This will keep you from ever being hungry and help you to make better meal decisions whether eating in or out. Eat snacks like: can of tuna, apples, or small protein shakes. Try to eat fruits, veggies, or low-fat protein for these snacks. These types of snacks also help to keep your diet balanced.

Tip #3: Eat an apple before every meal. An apple a day keeps the fat away. Apples are high in fiber and keep your digestive tract clean (makes bulges smaller) and keeps you from eating wasted calories because you are not as hungry as you would have been.

Tip #4: Do full body exercise program. Do full body, lean muscle building exercises, at least three times per week. If you want a nice stomach, then you developing lean muscle all over will help you to burn extra body fat, it will increase your metabolism, and it will help uncover those abs.

Tip #5: Eat a gram of protein for every pound of desire lean body mass. This is important if you want to develop any lean body muscle at all. You can't have a flat tummy or six pack if you don't develop lean muscle and you can't develop lean muscle without protein to support it.

Now that you have these how to get rid of a flabby belly quickly and easily, you can develop a flat tummy or six pack abs this year. Don't put off doing tomorrow what you can change today especially your fitness.

If you think that it's to difficult to imagine getting rid of your cellulite, think again. It really is not. There is a formula and exact steps that you must take to help you though.

If you liked this article, and are even slightly interested in getting rid of your cellulite, don't do anything just yet or make any decisions until you read this article that gives you the #1 secret of how to get rid of cellulite at home, no matter how bad it is, in less than 21 days, doing free stuff... even if you have little time & genetics are working against you: how to get rid of cellulite... Or the blog: cellulite exercises

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10 Tips to Lose Weight - Lose Weight With Simple Changes

So you have tried to get rid of a few weights, won and then the losing weight came to a stop. Now you want to get your training ambiance rear again and maybe you are looking for some fat lowering recommendations. Need not to worry, these are not only recommendations, but some of them are lasting life changing ways that you should develop to keep the bodyweight from even returning in the first place. Include these into your day-to-day duties - they only take few minutes mixed.

Weight Reduction Tips:

1) Learn how much calories your body needs

BMR or Basal Metabolic Pace strongly related to RMR or Sleeping Metabolic Pace is the amount of day-to-day energy (calories) that your body uses up merely when you are relaxed. This figure signifies the minimum number of calories you must eat to maintain day-to-day function of vital parts like the heart, lung area, and liver, muscle mass and so on. This is the beginning at which your calorie intake for fat lowering should start.

To evaluate your BMR use the following formula:

Women: BMR = 655 + (4.35 x bodyweight in pounds) + (4.7 x level in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)

Men: BMR = 66 + (6.23 x bodyweight in pounds) + (12.7 x level in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)

2) Eat more repeatedly

One of the best ways to shed bodyweight is to supply your shape more often. Not only are you less likely to overeat, but your body will frequently be burning food as energy. This results in your body being able to process food simpler, less fat storage and increased energy throughout the day. Space out your food approximately every 2-3 hours; eat protein rich foods at every meal and you will notice your metabolic process increase.

3) Consume fresh foods - vegetables/fruits

Your mom was right all along! You should aim to eat at least 1 serving of fruit and vegetables every meal. Dark green leafy vegetables are the richest source of nutrition in any food type. They provide your being with a numerous supply of vitamins and minerals. They also contain nutrients like beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants and secure our cells from damage to our eyes and prevents us against certain cancers.

4) Work out!

This is one that is probably so apparent and should go without any discussion (but I'll do it anyways)! Exercise will not only shake off the extra calories that your body has saved, but will also help build muscle mass, which in turn, aids in burning more fats. Regular training/exercise can also improve your moods and your self-perception and is likely to reduce depressive disorders and anxiety to help you better handle stress. The feeling that follows a great run or training is often described as "euphoric" and is usually comes along with a positive perspective. Involving yourself on any of the diet programs for fat loss which of course, with exercise will lower the excess weight in a hurry!

5) Consume a lot of water

This is probably one of the most well-known problems when seeking to shed bodyweight. Enjoying a lot of drinking water is a must, and you need to develop a habit of doing so. Extensive exercise produces lactose or waste in your body, which are expelled with water. When you accompany your meals with drinking water, the more likely you will feel full faster and so you can avoid overeating. Also, when you feel dehydrated, it will cause your workouts to suffer due to lack of air being brought to your muscles through the blood stream. Water performs a significant part in regulating our body heat and also lubricates our bones. Our bodies are made up of 70% liquid - it's important, believe me!

6) Avoid beer

Alcohol usage minimizes testosterone levels - hands down the most essential hormonal agent liable for reducing bodyweight and increasing lean muscle mass. It also minimizes the levels of circulating androgen in the system. Having alcoholic beverages before bed also inhibits your relax periods and minimizes growth hormone secretion. Alcohol is also a diuretic (causes dehydration) for muscle structure tissue and disrupts the Krebs Cycle which minimizes the metabolism of fatty acids. If you are serious about losing weight, avoid alcoholic beverages as much as possible.

7) Get a lot of sleep

Leptin and Ghrelin are two hormones that work in a "checks and balances" type of a system to control how the body metabolizes fatty acids. When you do not have enough rest, it brings down the level of leptin. That means you don't feel as full after eating. Inversely, ghrelin levels rise, which indicates that your urge for food will be triggered - which could lead to excess bodyweight. Not getting enough sleep also straightly equates with a dropped production level of testosterone - your greatest friend in dealing with fat. Ample sleep time can vary between 7-9 hours per night.

8) It's ok to be extravagant once in a while

Leptin takes its meaning from the Greek word leptos, which indicates "thin". Leptin straightly handles numerous metabolic processes in the body and therefore indirectly controls your fat loss rate. Leptin is also liable for other fat burning hormones such as T3 and T4. When Leptin level decreases, the production of T3 and T4 also decreases. Basically, the higher your Leptin levels, the quicker you reduce fat. So what does this have to do with splurging? After following your diet carefully for per a week, it's always great to have a cheat day to replenish your levels of Leptin. This will increase your fat burning hormones and keep you burning fat all throughout the day.

9) Account your results

How do you know if you're heading to a right direction if you don't do monitoring? You need to record your bodyweight, waistline, inches in your hand, upper body and legs and take note of them per a week. You will also want to keep on track of how much food you are eating, whether it's by portion sizes or by calorie. Also, take images if possible. It's always motivating to see how far along you are in your objectives.

10) Start now

Most significantly - TAKE ACTION! Don't wait until next or next month, start now. You will find out that once you have that "take control" approach, duties will seem to be much simpler to achieve. Plan your routines (workout), food, and bonding time with your family and you will see how easy it is to shed bodyweight. It is important to start today!

Good luck in your journey to lose extra pounds!

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Can A Low Fat Diet Program Really Deliver Tasty Food? Try This French Toast Recipe

If we consider the word "diet" we instinctively relate it to some sacrifice. Is it really a sort of sacrifice? In a way, maybe before the launch of low fat diet courses. We just can't refuse the fact that the opportunity of weight reducing we've got before necessitates a lot of sacrifice. Plus the first thing usually affected is the food. That causes most of the people back out from pursuing the dieting program.

First, you must know how much fat to get rid of and how to safely go about it. You'll have to concentrate your diet strategy around certain foods that you need to keep away from. You need to uncover ways of substituting one kind of food for just about another appropriate option. For instance, switch from French fries to sweet potato that is just as filling and tasty but a lot more wholesome; or perhaps a bowl of ice-cream can be replaced by a piece of fruit.

Going Low Fat

We take in the importance of fats in our body to hold up with the everyday activities but as we all know anything in excess is not good. If we just overlook it, the tendency is we get let the lump around our waist grow into a spare tire. What can happen to a person's figure after years of trying to maintain a slim and healthy appearance for several years?

This bothers a lot of women as well as men because the opposite sex usually looks at the value of having a good figure on a subconscious level. The persons appearance is an indicator of health and vitality. It might be a big issue for decades but then low fat foods appeared on the scene and many people found it to be a sound alternative to high calorie-high fat foods. We now have the opportunity to eat the foods we like provided that we make sure that it is among the reduced fat products.

Here's a low fat breakfast idea to consider.
Low Fat French Toast
Ingredients for menu
12 slices of French bread cut to roughly (3/4 inch thick)
1/2 cup cholesterol free egg substitute
1/2 cup fat-free or skim milk
1/4 cup low sugar orange juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
sprinkle of ground nutmeg
Splenda or other sugar substitute

Pre heat the oven to 425° and combine the orange juice, cholesterol free egg substitute, nutmeg, vanilla and milk. Soak your French bread for about 5 minutes then place them in the pan and bake for ten minutes. Check them and turn them over and bake for another eight minutes until golden brown. Sprinkle with Splenda when served.

Selecting a low fat diet is among the many great things you can do to lose those unwanted pounds on your waistline. This kind of program can supply the same nutrients you need but you are assured that it won't add more pounds to your mid-section. It will just be best to reach your goals without depriving yourself of the type of foods you have come to love. Just have the opportunity to test it and see yourself how dropping those excess pounds can work with real food.

If you would like more information on low fat diets today, go to http://www.1500caloriefatburningprogram.com/ and join us.

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Remaining True to Your Goal (When You Really Just Want to QUIT!)

Setting a goal is a great thing. We decide that there is an area we would like to change in our lives, excitedly set our strategy, and declare that tomorrow is the day we will get started!

Well, when tomorrow comes, reality hits. It can be scary to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone or that is challenging. Suddenly our very own Inner Critic appears, whispering reasons why we shouldn't attempt this new goal-because, of course, we will probably fail anyway, right? Excuses and self-limiting, sabotaging thoughts begin to enter our minds which practically scream at us to return to our comfort zone.

I can think of few things that are more frightening than putting on a "barely there" swimsuit and taking the stage in front of an auditorium full of people, there for the sole purpose of judging and criticizing my physique. Well, that's exactly what I did! I decided that I wanted to enter a Figure Competition, and stand among ladies who were at the top of their game in the fitness industry. Of course, I had never done this before so to say I was a little nervous about it is an understatement.

When I made the decision to enter the competition, I was excited and determined-initially. I told my family, friends and anybody who would listen all about the journey on which I was about to embark. Naturally, they were all very supportive. I enthusiastically bought all the special foods for my new eating plan and viewed and reviewed the workout plan that was developed for me. I was ready to begin!

The first ten days or so-I was on point! I was focused. Determined. I was committed to adhering to my diet and workout schedule. Strangely, as the weeks went on, my enthusiasm started to wane (after all, the contest was months away! You mean have to keep doing this for 8 more weeks?). The eating plan I was on became much stricter. The workout routines became harder and more time consuming. I began having to say NO to friends and family that wanted me to go to dinner because I couldn't put myself in a position of being tempted to go off my plan. It became harder and harder to DO what I had clearly said I wanted to do. Those closest to me were constantly supplying me with a way out of competing in the contest (aka excuses). "You look great already", "You've lost enough weight", "Don't worry if you don't enter the competition, missing this one isn't important-there will be plenty others".

Basically as the going got tougher, I wanted to QUIT, and I was ready to hear any excuse that would give me a plausible way out. My Inner Critic would constantly whisper self-sabotaging statements such as "It doesn't matter if you skip the gym and go out tonight, one missed workout won't make a difference" or "Go ahead and have pancakes for breakfast, you're hungry and you deserve it!" or "This competition really isn't all that important-who cares if you don't compete?" etc., etc.

The problem was-not doing the competition WAS important. It was important to ME because I had made a promise to myself that I was going to accomplish this goal. My family and friends would have understood if I didn't enter, but I would have felt like a failure-not because I let anyone else down but because I let myself down. It was not any fear of walking on stage in a swimsuit that kept me committed to my goal-it was a fear of failing ME that I couldn't bear.

How are you at keeping your promises to yourself? Are you remaining true to your goals? When it comes to our health and wellness, we sometimes tend to let excuses, saboteurs and a fear of failure keep us from accomplishing our goals. Your journey to health will get tough-no doubt about it. When the journey gets harder, you can lose your motivation and want to quit. DON'T. There is no shame in making mistakes and going off track of your plan momentarily. The important thing is to be patient with yourself, forgive yourself for any slips, and to just keep pressing on. Keep trying each day to take action steps that will position you closer to your end goal. There is honor in trusting the process, continuing to try, being patient for results and remaining "kind" to you during the journey. There is no better feeling than that of accomplishment, knowing that you made and kept a commitment to yourself and battled through the obstacles!

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How To Get In Shape Fast for Women

It can be tough for women to get into the shape that they want because you naturally carry a bit more fat than men, and you have to make adjustments for that, but here's 3 tips that will help you to get in shape fast.

What's good about us women, is that once we set our minds to something, we have a great ability to get it done.

It's important to know that your main concern has to be on: building lean muscle, increasing your metabolism, burning excess fat, while making the best use of your time.

How To Get in Shape Fast For Women

Tip #1: Eat an apple before every meal. There has always been the saying that, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well it still holds true, but it also helps to get you into shape quickly. Apples are high in fiber. The added fiber before a meal will help to curb hunger so that you will make better decisions about your meals (eat less, eat better). They are cheap and "good" carbs also.

Tip #2: The lower calorie, moderate protein diet. In order to shed the extra fat, boost your metabolism, and build lean muscle, you have to decrease the amount of calories that you are eating, eat protein at every meal (in some form), and eat more, but smaller meals. Lower calories will help you to get on track for weight loss, but increased protein helps to: increase metabolism, decrease hunger, and support lean muscle growth.

Tip #3: Play 60. If mama is happy, everyone is happy. Everyday mama needs to play for 60 minutes. It doesn't matter what you do so much as it matters that you do it. Become a kid for just an hour a day. Either go for a walk, play flag football with the guys on the weekend, play some volleyball, do a weight lifting circuit, take a dance class, try a CrossFit class, or do Zumba on the Wii. These are all activities that if done regularly, will whip you into shape in no time.

Now that you know how to get in shape fast, you can finally use this year to become a better, healthier, fitter new you. Actually you don't even need to wait until the new year. Why don't you just start now, and then when the New Year comes you can start a set of new goals based on your new fitness level.

Writing about all types of experiences is Piper's love. After writing online for over 5 years, she has created a new blog to express her love for fashion: http://myblackstraplessdress.com/ where she discusses fun topics like: the little black dress...

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Consider Using Mineral Based Makeup While on the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet has come into existence as the most popular diet plan in America. The results are fantastic and patients are often able to lose 1 to 3 pounds a day. Patients either utilize subcutaneous injections with the hormone, or sublingual drops under the tongue to receive the hormone.

One consideration for women on the diet is the type of makeup they use. Why? HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin and is well known as the pregnancy hormone. In fact, it is approved by the FDA only for fertility. Otherwise, using it for an indication such as weight loss, is an off label indication. This means it is legal for physicians to use as they deem effective, but it's not what it was approved for by the FDA. The FDA has not shown it to be harmful, there just has not been significant research to approve it for a weight loss indication.

The hormone HCG targets fat reserves. In pregnant women, for instance, the hormone allows the body to break down fat then utilize that fat for baby nutrition. This could be an issue for the composition of the makeup being use. If women use makeup that is oil or sweetener based or contains other products that can be absorbed, this could result in the targeted fat to be from the makeup and not from the typical bodily fat reserves.

This may not be a big issue. But if you are going to the trouble to go on a diet to lose as much weight as possible, do you really want something as simple as the makeup you use to retard your weight loss?

To be on the safe side use mineral based makeup. The mineral oil used in these makeups is unscented, tasteless, and pallid. The Food and Drug Administration has severe value standards set up for mineral oils, which makes them highly disinfected and refined. They undergo several refining and purifying processes to be established safe and acceptable.

Mineral makeup also contains pure iron which is commonly used to absorb heat. This can make the skin appear younger and smoother. The mineral makeup is fat free and does not contain coarse ingredients. There is not fat or ingredients that turn into fat that the hormone would potentially target to screw up your dieting regimen.

Make sure to check the labels of your makeup, and try to steer clear of those that are not mineral based. It may make an actual difference in your weight loss achievements.

Phoenix Integrative Medicine represents the premier weight loss center in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.

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Losing Weight on the HCG Diet Program Without Doctor Supervision Is Foolish

Let's look at some of the statistics on weight loss in the US. Over 65% of Americans are either overweight or obese. For those individuals who do something about it and lose a lot of weight, over 90% of the time that weight comes back within 5 years. At that point, most Americans find themselves in the same position they were in to begin with, plus some extra pounds to boot!

The HCG Diet is now the most popular diet plan in America. Over a million individuals search on Google every month for the words "HCG Diet", which is more than the other top 4 weight loss plans combined. If you are suspect of that statistic, check it out yourself on the Google Keywords Tool.

When going on the HCG Diet, many patients think it is satisfactory to simply obtain the HCG from an online source and use it themselves with some attention to the allowed foods on the diet. Here are 5 reasons why that is completely foolish.

1. Losing weight may bring a ton of medical benefits besides just looking better.

The most satisfying aspect of weight loss is dropping pounds, clothing sizes, and hearing the compliments come rolling in. "You look amazing!" "I almost didn't recognize you!" Hearing compliments like that all day long is enough to boost anyone's self esteem, confidence, and zest for life. However, how satisfying would it also be to hear your doctor say "Your blood pressure is down 30%, I think we can stop your hypertension medication." Or just as satisfying "Your blood sugars have stabilized in the low normal range, let's cut back on your sugar medication." How cool would that be? You had a controllable issue, you went on a diet to look better, and now you're much healthier as a result with reduced chances of long term complications from your high sugars and blood pressure! If you are simply taking the HCG at home without the supervision of a doctor, how would you know what your improvements are? This is the main reason you should undergo the diet under the supervision of a doctor. It does not need to be your primary care doctor, but someone with a license and diet supervision experience should be involved to follow these variables.

2. Avoiding malnutrition.

Cutting down severely on your calories needs to be performed carefully. A normal human diet is 1500-2500 calories daily. The typically HCG diet is 500 daily calories, although the more modern HCG diet increases the daily allowed calorie amount to 800-1200 calories daily. If you are on the HCG diet under the guidance of a weight loss doctor, he or she can follow your nutritional status and avoid any cardiac or side effect issues from malnutrition. It may take nutritional supplementation to avoid some problems, but how would you know which supplements or vitamins to focus on and take? You wouldn't unless a supervising doctor is involved.

3. Learning the techniques for long term success.

It's no secret that a lot of diets work, then fail long term. How can this be avoided? One of the techniques is to be under the supervision of an experienced weight loss doctor. He or she can give you the tips and techniques for ensuring long term success. I am willing to bet that the long term chances of success increase over 1000% if a weight loss doctor is involved (I cannot back that up with statistical data). It just makes sense.

4. Monitoring your vitals, electrolytes, and labwork.

This is extremely important, especially if the plan is to lose more than five to ten percent of your body weight. The HCG diet plan allows for fairly rapid weight loss. For instance if you weight 200 pounds you may lose 35 pounds on Round 1 of the diet, which is about 15% of body mass. People's bodies react differently to that amount of weight being lost with their physiology, so monitoring it with labwork can help avoid potential clinical problems.

5. Getting the "good stuff"

Ever wonder if the HCG you buy online is strictly regulated and first rate in quality? Well, you should. It's a bit of the wild wild west online, and there are potential issues with the quality of the product being purchased. Also, most of the HCG being sold online is the homeopathic version, which actually has just a miniscule amount of actual HCG in it. There is speculation that it doesn't work either which gives credence to getting your HCG through a weight loss doctor. He or she should have a reliable source and be able to have a track record of success with the supplier.

For all these reasons, make sure to undergo the HCG diet under the supervision of an experienced weight loss doctor.

Phoenix Integrative Medicine represents the premier weight loss center in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.

The practice offers top notch Scottsdale and HCG diet Phoenix programs tailored to the individual needs of patients. Programs at the center include HCG diet in Phoenix Bioidentical hormones, aesthetic, anti-aging, wellness, and cancer prevention all provided by First Rate Arizona Naturopathic Doctors.

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2 Crucial Mistakes That Screw Your Chances Of Losing Weight! Do Not Miss This At Any Cost

Did you know that almost 90% of the people who take steps to lose weight end up failing within the first few months? They all go on a weight loss spree and work hard. Despite of taking various efforts and committing themselves, they don't get the results they want.

They drop a few pounds but because they haven't achieved the results they expected, they give up. Soon they gain back the pounds and its back to square one. This is the case for 90% of the folks out there. 10% of this 90% take another year to bounce back and lose off the weight. The remaining 80% just stay where they are and keep doing the cycle over and over again.

If you don't want to be in that 80%, you need to stop making the common weight loss mistakes that they are making. Avoid these traps and you are sure to succeed. Here are the crucial mistakes that screw your chances of losing weight...

Consuming high calorie foods after workout...

One of the mistakes I've noticed a lot of dieters make is that they tend to eat high calorie foods immediately after their workout. And most of them don't realize it. They believe that they are eating these foods to increase their energy level. If you eat protein rich foods after a workout, it will certainly help you gain your energy level.

But high calorie foods aren't effective. They are actually counterproductive to what you've just done. If you want to lose weight and get that sexy hot body, I recommend that you stop committing this mistake ever again. Eat protein rich foods that provide you with loads of energy after each workout.

Skipping their breakfast...

I've seen a lot of people do this in their desperation to lose weight. Skipping your breakfast is counterproductive when it comes to losing weight. You'd be better off if you skip your dinner. At night, the body's metabolism is extremely slow. Therefore, the food you eat isn't burned successfully.

On the other hand, the food you eat in the morning is digested completely by your body because of your activity and sunlight. Sunlight affects your body in a lot of ways. Try living without sunlight for a few days and you will find yourself becoming extremely lazy. That's how we are wired.

So stop listening to the lame advice your friends or others give you about skipping your breakfast. You need loads of energy in the morning. Make sure that you either have a heavy breakfast or a heavy lunch. At night, eat very little or don't eat at all. You'd be better off if you just eat fruits at night.

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Healthy Eating For Weight Loss - Finding the Right Vitamin C

Healthy eating for weight loss has many more advantages than simply losing weight. Your health improves to the point where you just don't get ill. The secret lies in knowing what the healthy foods are.

Most people know of the benefits of taking vitamin C, especially when it comes to colds and the flu. But it's not that simple. Everything can look simple on the surface, but there are many factors that need to be considered.

Vitamin C is needed by the human body on a daily basis. Your body cannot make it, itself. So your diet must supply all its needs.

Without vitamin C, most people know that their health will suffer badly. But in what way? A deficiency can create weakness, fatigue, muscular pain, an inability to shake off infections, anorexia, soft gums, brittle teeth and bones, skin haemorrhages, slow healing of wounds, capillary weakness, anaemia, destruction of collagen, thyroid insufficiency, premature aging and scurvy.

The illness that results from a deficiency in vitamin C depends on how severe this is and your predisposition, or your 'Achilles heel' to certain diseases.

Most people don't eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables to get all their vitamin C requirements. So they tend to supplement their diets. And this is where the problems start.

The vast majority of vitamin C supplements sold today are in an isolated and synthetic form - calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid. Although they can appear to give you a short term boost in health, they have long term consequences that can seriously affect your health.

What are these?

You didn't evolve on isolated or synthetic nutrients. Your nutrients need to be in the complex and balanced form called food. Each nutrient co-depends on a whole host of others, to be properly digested and utilised by your body. Your body doesn't know what to do with the synthetic variety. It becomes confused, allowing problems to arise.

So what are these problems?

Synthetic vitamin C makes your body acidic. Your natural body pH has to be alkaline to survive.

Another problem, according to one human study, is that only 1500 mg of synthetic vitamin C per day can cause iron deficiency and anaemia.

Synthetic vitamin C can cause gout, hardening of the arteries and deficiencies in copper, zinc and vitamin B and probably a host of other nutrients.

It is easy to overdose on synthetic vitamin C. Acute symptoms include stomach ache, diarrhea, cramping, nausea and gas. When your body tries to excrete excess vitamin C, it puts an unnatural strain on your liver and kidneys.

Apart from upping your intake of fresh fruit and veggies, what else can you do? There are some very potent, plant based vitamin C supplements around now, which remain active even in storage. Acerola cherries are one such example.

Because your body recognises food, it knows what to do with it. You can't overdose on natural vitamin C, because any excess is easily excreted.

Healthy eating for weight loss is a total package for fabulous health and a gorgeous figure.

Madeleine Innocent is a full time natural health consultant specialising in diet-for-health and homeopathy. She treats both people and animals within these two disciplines. She also coaches people both on- and off-line, on these subjects. For more information, visit: Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

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Vegan and Vegetarians = No Weight Loss

I love hearing how people will be heavy meat eaters all their lives and all of a sudden they need to lose weight, and then decide to go vegan or vegetarian for a week. Now, I'm not talking about my friends that have made the switch due to an ethical viewpoint overnight, I'm speaking about those that think this "diet" will equal weight loss for a week.

I have met many vegetarians and vegans that are still very unhealthy and overweight. They over consume many white, processed foods, grains that are still full of chemicals, or they consume enormous amounts of soy-meats to substitute the "meat" that was previously in their meals. The bad part is that they are not taking into consideration that they are all still highly processed! They then become discouraged because they are still overweight and still unhealthy and don't know what else to do. Does this sound familiar? I once saw this vegan who used to microwave ALL his food and ate white bread everyday and thought he was healthy because he doesn't consume meat.

Now, on the flip side, I have many friends that are super healthy vegans and vegetarians, and probably the healthiest people I know! There is something that they did that the others that weren't successful didn't do, and that was that they educated themselves FIRST before they converted to see what worked best for them. They didn't just decide to not eat meat and not know what to eat as a substitute. Let's take a moment to be clear for a second, I'm not saying that you need to convert or that you don't it is a personal choice that everyone has free will to live their lives they way they choose. I just think that it is important to educate yourself first from a professional on what would work best for YOU! You can still be a healthy person if you decide to consume a small amount of animal products once and a while. There are always alternatives to what works best for you and keeps you on the right track to health as well.

My main objective is not to judge anyone and the decisions they choose. My main purpose and vision is to help people to become healthy at whatever level they are, and or ready to stay at. My goal is to also teach them to transition to a more natural, healthier lifestyle with meat consumption or not.

To your health with or without meat,

Jennifer Colalillo

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