How Much Weight Will You Lose and How Quickly?

What is weight loss? Weight loss is the total reduction of body mass. Many people in the United States struggle with weight loss. Obesity is on the rise because of several reasons. The food that is distributed throughout the United States is mainly unhealthy, very fattening and can cause detrimental health defects to adults, children and fetuses. Most foods on the market is made of disturbing contents that are not advertised to the public. These disturbing contents are typically only found with thorough research. If the food industry advertised what is actually in most distributed food, they would more than likely go out of business.

Most food industries in the United States make weight loss seem nearly impossible. Weight loss can be accomplished with thorough research and dedication. More and more companies are starting to recognize the demand of healthier foods being distributed to the market. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy. There are many diet pills, diet drink and diet plans being sold today that aren't natural. It can be easy to lose a large amount of weight with diet pills and drinks but it's hard to sustain the weight loss.

Some diets can cause more health damage than being over weight. It's not hard to spot a dangerous diet plan if you know what to look for.

Half of the most popular diet plans in the nation do not contain enough calcium. Many women are suffering from osteoporosis because of this. Many diet plans are suggesting that dairy products are fattening and unhealthy. Dairy products are very important because they supply calcium to the human body. If the human body does not receive calcium, detrimental effects will occur.

There are three major warning signs to look for when deciding on a diet. If the diet plan suggests removing one of the major food groups, do not use that diet plan. If a diet plan promises fast results it is also unhealthy. In addition, if the plan lists "good" and "bad" foods stay away from it.

The most dangerous diet plan on the market include the Body for life plan, Sugar Busters, Doctor Atkins' Diet Revolution, The Perricone Prescription and Suzanne Somers' Fast and Easy plan. These plans all restrict significant amounts of calcium from the diet.

The best thing to do when deciding on losing weight is visiting a nutritionist. A nutritionist is a highly trained professional that will help you develop a healthy, effective weight loss plan designed specifically for you. A nutritionist will also help encourage you to lose weight. They will monitor your success if you visit them on a regular basis. It is also wise to find an accountability partner to help encourage you daily with your weight loss success. Do not set yourself up for failure and give yourself too many limitations.

Weight loss should be a moderately gradual process. It is important to maintain a healthy weight. It is also important to lose weight at a steady pace.

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Getting Slimmer: 5 Secrets to Help You Get Slimmer

1. Use Smaller Glasses for Wine and Alcohol
When you cut back your wine and alcohol intake, you are reducing your calories intake whilst still having fun and enjoyment with your wine. This can be really helpful if you want to get slimmer.

There are some wine glasses which are giant in size (which I know you would have preferred), so they hold up to 5-6 ounces at a time without any problem. This means that if you take two glasses of the wine or alcohol per night, you will be adding an awesome 300 calories to your total calorie intake for that day.

Therefore, go for smaller glasses or goblets when you want to take wine or alcohol and drink wine or alcohol only a few times a week instead of drinking it every night.

2. Eat Slowly
If you are eating, do not rush to eat your food try as much as possible to eat slowly. When you eat slowly, you chew and really feel the taste of the food instead of just swallowing it. When you eat more slowly, you will end up taking in fewer calories from your meals and in turn drop some weight and become slimmer.

3. Avoid Snacks
Most snacks are nothing but bunch of calories. Cutting out snacks from your daily diets (especially the night time snacks) can help you drop about 5 pounds in a week. I know most people love crunching and munching junk foods while watching TV or while at the Cinema, and you can see that it's quite very easy to eat a meal worth of calories intake without even noticing it. Take note of this and you are on your way to getting slimmer.

4. Become a Dancer
Dancing is a fun activity you should engage in, you can dance at your home or in a club with your friends. Dancing to hip-hop, rock songs and other high tempo can help you slim down, when you engage in an hour of dancing, you burn between 400-500 calories of fat. So what are you waiting for? Start dancing.

5. Exercise
Exercise is very important if you want to get slimmer, try to make exercising a part of your everyday life, exercises include: jogging, walking, swimming and skating. Exercise can also be just anything, just make sure you engage in activities that require active participation.

Apply one or more of these tips to your regular daily routine and you will surely see a great improvement in your getting slimmer or weight loss effort.

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Is Your Body Working Against You to Lose Weight

If you've ever had a problem with your weight, you've probably tried one diet after another. At first you stick to it. You're excited about the upcoming results. You think this is the one that will finally put an end to your weight problems. But your body doesn't seem to want to cooperate.

You count and measure and deprive yourself of eating all the foods you love. You are in a contest with yourself to change. You think your body is working against you and ultimately it will win out, yet again, and the pounds will stay stubbornly in place. You will not lose weight.

Your Body is Not Working Against You

Let's get rid of the contest mentality. What is needed is a lifestyle change. Not a strict diet. No more measuring and deprivation to the point of starvation. Your body is not your enemy. It is doing its best to keep you going with what you are giving it as fuel. Unless you have an illness that does put you on a restrictive diet, you have many healthy options open to you.

People need to be able to live life and make food choices that are nutritious and filling and appropriate to the occasion. You're in control. You make the choices. You can lose weight. A few bad choices can not wreck a diet. It is perfectly okay to indulge a craving once in a while. Just remember the body needs nutrients to keep you going. Junk foods are junk; meaning there is no nutritional value to them whats so ever.

Will One Cookie Make Your Will Power Crumble?

When your body has not been getting the nutrition it craves, it asks for more and more food. It makes a person ravenous. Eating everything in sight. A cookie becomes an irresistible temptation; a bag of cookies a friend and then you are back to an old comfort zone that robs you of your health as pounds stay on and maybe even increase. Sabotaging weight lose.

In reality one cookie does not have to make your will power crumble. What is most important is the nutrition of the other things you choose to eat.

Diet Soda - A Healthy Alternative?

Artificially sweetened (no sugar) low calorie drinks are often promoted as healthy alternatives for weight loss and diabetes. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that these diet sodas are harmful to human health. Diet soda is not a health food. In fact, it's not a food at all, it's simply a container of liquid chemicals, a number of which may have negative effects on the body. Experts say diet sodas have been tied to increased risk of stroke and heart attack. While many people drink them as an aid to weight reduction, research suggests if you drink diet soda, weight gain may follow.

The Truth About Fats

As a society we have a misguided belief that all fats are bad. We believe that the best way to stay slim and healthy is to cut fats from our diet. In fact, fats are an absolutely necessary ingredient of any healthy diet. Fats aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, as well as help feed the body the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Fats are healthy in their natural state. Trans fats are not healthy by any stretch of the imagination. These substances contribute to obesity and obesity-related illnesses. This is true for trans fats and certain other unhealthy fats. But there are all kinds of healthy fats that can actually promote good health. Fill your plate with these and leave the others behind.

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Reprogram Your Mind to Achieve Desired Weight

Constantly, so many people are struggling with their extra pounds. For months and even years, they follow different diets and vigorously exercise. In some cases, this behavior helps many of us successfully reach our desired weight. However, only 10% of people are able to keep that weight for more than one year. Think about that statistic. After all that struggling, nine out of ten people will be back to their previous weight in less than only ONE YEAR! If the statistics were the opposite and only one person out of ten could not keep his/her weight, we would probably attribute it to the individual's weak personality and irresponsibility. But, could nine out of ten really be weak and irresponsible people? It sounds unbelievable. Why can't people keep what they have already achieved?

The answer is simple. No diet can last forever. When the plan is over - the weight is back. The problem needs to be addressed on a much deeper level: first in your mind, then on your plate. Willpower is not enough. The truth is that it is almost impossible to change habits using only willpower. We need to manage our thoughts and reprogram our mind, to make it work.

There are five major steps in the process of reprogramming:
• Awareness, recognition.
• Admitting the situation
• Focusing on values vs. results and the process
• Setting a clear goal
• Using imagination and feelings vs. willpower

AWARENESS is the first step in the reprogramming your mind. Before you even plan any actions, you need to be AWARE of your current situation, your extra weight, and health problems related to it.

ADMITTING seems very similar to awareness and a relatively short phase in reprogramming process. Admitting means that you are not only aware about your situation, but you're taking responsibility for that; now you know where you are, and are ready to take action.

First, admit the things that you don't like - ALL OF THEM. Do not lie to yourself. It's important that you're honest. Don't be afraid or embarrassed. Say it OUT LOUD and then write it down. Write down everything you hate about yourself, everything you see and FEEL. This is not about the number; this is about your FEELINGS regarding that number. This is not about counting; this is about disengagement and growing.

It's also a perfect time to enhance all your fears. If you are obese, do you want to die suddenly on the street from a cardiovascular attack, or end up paralyzed after suffering a stroke? Do you want to suffer from diabetes and end up with vision problems and skin wounds? All those things happen to thousands of people every year, and may happen to you-- if you ignore your weight and don't take care of yourself.

Unfortunately, most people prefer to AVOID the situation. They avoid admitting their extra pounds and bad health. This is a big mistake. If you find yourself in a hole, - stop digging! ADMIT IT!!!! Avoiding doesn't accomplish anything. Admitting will rescue you. This is not the starting point for transformation; this is the first step IN transformation. There is no future success without this step, which means that your life will stay the same. Admitting is your new BEGINNING.

FOCUS on VALUES vs. results. When people make a decision about dieting, they usually think about the process itself and about results. However, focusing on dieting and avoiding fattening foods makes you think about the problem, not the solution. This is negative thinking, because you are focusing on what you DON'T want - losing the food you have always liked. This will not take you far. Instead, focus on what you WANT, on your NEW desire, new behavior, and on your new CHOICE. Here you need a real REASON, a DESIRE which drives you to that. Is it better health? Is it being better looking? Lighter? Sexier? WHY do you want to lose weight? In what way your life will be different after you achieve your desired weight? Answering all these questions will help you to create your vision and set clear goals.

SETTING a clear GOAL is another important step, which is usually ignored, but critical to success. If you don't set up your trip destination, how can you get there? You can't. You'll be going around again and again, and then come back exhausted and disappointed. Then you'll say, "Setting goals doesn't work!" What doesn't work is NOT setting a goal, or setting it incorrectly.

Setting goals correctly helps us to focus and to keep the commitment, they also keep us motivated and influence our success oriented behavior.

Have a clear idea in mind. Thinking something like "It would be good to lose several pounds by Christmas" doesn't help and doesn't work. Your real goal should be:

• Clear
• Specific and measurable
• Challenging, but realistic and achievable
• Stated in a present tense rather than in a future tense

Think about a certain number of pounds by which you can reduce your weight over a certain period of time. Promising yourself to be 10 pound less by next week is obviously a promise to fail and would also be dangerous to your health.

IMAGINATION is a good way to overcome a negative habit and move toward your desired life. Imagine yourself already DOING that, and experiencing the feelings associated with it. Experience it completely, as if it has already happened. Live the life of your dreams NOW. Visualize yourself being a smaller size, and feeling elegant and attractive. Imagine how you FEEL buying new clothes, FEEL how they touch your elegant body. Imagine choosing new styles and colors. Imagine how other people are looking at you, and enjoy it! Remember these feelings and let them inspire you.

And know, it is not just about your weight; it's about health, relationships, success, and whole life! YOUR life.

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."
James Allen

To Your Health and Success,
Dr. Irina Koles
Professional Weight Loss and Life Coach, author of the book "Taste of Thoughts. Improve Your Health and Whole Life," motivational speaker.

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Does the Fastest Way To Lose Weight Include Doing Lots of Cardio?

When looking for the fastest way to lose weight, do you have to do a lot of cardio? The fact of the matter is, you don't need to do any cardio. Those who tell you that you need to exercise to lose weight are not telling you the truth.

Exercising and including cardio on a daily basis does however help you to lose weight faster, yet the main ingredient to losing weight is eating the foods that help you lose weight.

A healthier thinner body starts with your daily diet, but for the sake of this writing, we are going to focus on cardio.

You may be shocked, but the people I know don't do the typical types of cardio.

There are many forms of cardio, and all of them have one thing in common, they all get the heart rate up and that is what counts.

When people ask me what type of cardio should I be doing, the answer is what do you like? Don't misunderstand...

It's just that the average person looks at cardio as the typical exercises, such as jogging, stationary bike or the treadmill. The intent is to just get your heart rate up, and you will burn calories. As long as you are getting your heart rate up, no matter how you do it, you will burn calories. Building muscle is a great fat burner.

It doesn't take much, just working out with dumbbells and barbells, doing standard push-ups and using resistant bands, you burn calories and build muscle.

The average person just thinks these exercises builds muscle, not burn calories. Every exercise is different, but if you keep the heart rate up, they all burn fat.

If you like the exercises you pick, then you will do them and get the results you want.

If you are keeping your head in the game and working out at a fast enough pace, keeping the heart rate up, it won't matter how heavy the weight is, you will be burning fat, the heavier weight is for building more muscle.

That's the best of both worlds.

If you want to throw in some high intensity cardio during the week too, that's fine. The body responds better when you mix up your exercises.

This mixing up of exercises keeps the body from hitting those plateaus you hear about.

So, just keep mixing up your exercises, but try to focus on certain muscle groups each day. It is always best to keep your focus on working only one muscle group each day, but when it comes to cardio, you can do that any days of the week, and mix up high intensity and low intensity throughout the week.

For best results, I suggest specific 90-day workout routines. This will result in you getting the body you deserve and long for.
It is amazing, how in only 90-days, you can completely transform your body.

So, for your fastest way to lose weight, follow proper nutrition and exercise properly too.

Nicole Casey has had her own struggles with weight loss. She now offers help to others who are searching for the correct ways to lose weight and to get much healthier in the process. Read her review of the best weight loss program on the internet. Visit

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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Going on a Hunger Strike!

This article outlines the best way you can undertake to lose weight fast. Research shows that eating a diet low in carbohydrate count is one of the best ways to kill hunger and reduce calorie count. Carbohydrates are the main source of releasing insulin. Insulin's function is to store the fat in the body and prevent body cells to release it in the form of energy. Cutting down on carbohydrates reduces the amount of insulin intake and automatically reduces calorie count. The body is no longer prevented from breaking down fat into energy and this makes you lose weight fast.

This effective low-carb weight loss program not only cuts down on fat but also helps in improving your cholesterol, insulin levels and blood pressure. Moreover you can lose weight fast by increasing your intake of proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids and low processed foods. Following a strict exercise regime is also a good pointer on how to lose weight fast. Exercising is a great health booster, and calorie fighter. Engaging yourself in exercises which are high intensity helps to achieve your goal faster. Exercises such as running, jogging, hiking, cycling are always better than just brisk walking.

If you are sleeping properly and getting adequate rest you will stay healthy mentally. Losing weight does not indicate that you remain saggy and skinny. Staying fit means staying healthy and weighing average. Proper amount of sleep is important for staying fresh and reflecting a vibrating, full of life personality.

Including healthy supplements are also vital in making your weight loss program effective. Usually following a strict diet creates certain deficiencies which can easily be overcome by taking multivitamins. Another key ingredient that promotes in losing weight fast is water. Water is a great purifier, natural substitute for food and a great way to quench your thirst and lessen your hunger. Try drinking a glass of water before every meal. This will make you feel fuller and will help you in stuffing lesser food. Most weight loss programs use only water in helping to lose weight fast.

Say no to carbonated drinks and stay away from them at all costs. All the fizzy drinks have immense amount of sugar in it and this can mess up your weight loss program. Increase vegetables and fruit in your meals. The lesser they are cooked the more they retain their natural benefits. Leafy vegetables are one of the best diet foods on earth. Keep a tab on whatever you eat and quit snacking in between meals. The most crucial thing in your entire weight loss program is to remain consistent and unshakable. Have faith in yourself and lose weight fast only by remaining loyal to your preset goal.

This article focuses on tips on how to lose weight fast without going on a fasting schedule. It concentrates on devising a fool proof weight loss program and remaining dedicated to it.

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What Burns Fat Fastest - High or Low Intensity Cardio Exercises?

People who are trying to burn body fat often ask the question: What cardio exercises burn fat the fastest? Is it better to walk at a low intensity or run at a high intensity?

The answer is simple. Both low and high intensity cardio exercises will aid in burning off that extra body fat. Now, the real question is what is more efficient and show results faster? To answer this question you will need to find out what your fat burning zone is.

The answer lies in simple biology. Researchers found that your body burns a substance called glycogen when you are exercising at a high intensity. Glycogen is a type of carbohydrate that is found in your muscles and used for energy during low intensity exercise. Of course, when people realized this they modified their workouts to include more low intensity exercise in order to burn more fat.

Sounds great, right? Well not exactly. The fact is true that when you are doing low intensity exercises such as walking that you do burn fat. However, you burn a lot more calories when you are doing high intensity exercises such as running. Glycogen is still being burnt up, but you burn a lot more fat calories doing high intensity workouts.

The best thing is that when you get low levels of glycogen, what you eat later gets turned into glycogen and will replenish the glycogen levels. This intake of carbohydrates won't be turned into body fat because it is being used to replace what you burnt off.

Also, performing high intensity cardio exercises elevates your metabolism even after you are done working out. In other words, you will still be burning fat long after your workout. If you are doing low intensity workouts, this will not occur. So ultimately your body is going to burn way more fat calories as a result of high intensity exercises compared to low intensity ones.

Many people fear high intensity exercises thought. An easy way to integrate more vigorous exercises into your schedule is to do interval training. For instance, start off walking quickly for about 5 minutes, and then turn it into a jog for 5 minutes. Slow down and walk again for about 5 minutes to catch your breath. Once you catch your breath, sprint as fast as you can for about a minute. Now walk for another minute. Switch back and forth from a sprint and a walk every minute. Do this for about 15 minutes.

This is just a simple example of how to include high intensity exercises into your routine. There are many other simple ways to burn fat fast. If you do this at least 5 times a week you will see results and start losing body fat.

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Lose Weight Quickly the Sensible Way

Extra weight on a person affects not only their personal appearance. One's confidence and quality of life can also suffer as a consequence. Not to mention the many health risks involved with being overweight. These reasons alone are why so many people are always looking for the fast route to losing weight.

Before beginning any weight loss routine, it is strongly advised that you speak with a doctor first. Your doctor will give you a physical examination and he will advise you to the best way to lose weight. Simply put, weight loss involves increasing your activity and decreasing the amount of food you eat. The following are steps you can take to lose weight quickly.

To begin with, you should find a food plan that works best for you. Talk with a nutritionist or your doctor to see how many calories you should be eating a day to lose a healthy amount of weight every week. Make sure the plan isn't so restrictive that you easily cheat and overeat. Also, start incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Starting walking a half hour every day. Start out slow if you aren't used to working out so you don't hurt yourself.

Secondly, you should set realistic goals for yourself. If you set yourself up for too high of expectations, you may not stick with your plan. Also, set realistic food and exercise goals as well. If you can focus your mind to a task, you can quickly lose extra weight.

Next, listen to your own body. Everyone loses weight at a different pace. This has a lot to do with the fact that we all have different metabolisms. Our bodies are different, so some workouts may not work as well for you as they work for others! Keep trying new things until you find what works for you.

Try filling up on fiber. Fiber will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time, which slows down the rate of digestion. One serving of whole grain moves fat through your system quicker. Grains turn into blood sugar, which will spike your body's insulin level. This will make you more energized and will tell the body when it should stop burning fat.

Don't eat fried foods. Even if you think you are eating healthy lean meats, like chicken and fish - fried foods are filled with high calorie fat. Opt for grilled meat only while trying to lose weight.

Lastly, drink a lot of fluid. Attempt to drink 8 glasses of water ever day. This will help you keep refreshed and lose weight quicker.

In conclusion, your weight loss is really up to you. You need to have discipline and be consistent going through with your goals in order to lose weight quickly. Two diets that really worked for me are weight watchers and the three day diet. The 3 day diet is often controversial, but it really enabled me stick with a plan and lose weight quickly. What is most important in weight loss is to find what is right for you.

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Steps on How to Get Flat Abs

Almost all of the men and women who want to know how to get flat abs tend to overlook that fact that working out alone can in no way make a huge impact in your body. The key for getting a nicely shaped physique with flat abs is to engage in physical exercise and have a balanced food plan that complements these workouts. If do not follow the two with each other, you could end up having a flabby belly that might make your figure appear worse than it was.

It can be a good thought to begin with simpler workouts that involve a few of your stomach muscles; this could mainly assist your body have a particular level of stamina needed for difficult abs exercises in the long run. The very best tip to know how to get flat abs is by beginning with sit-ups. Fifty sit-ups each day as a beginner is considered excessive, as time passes by, you could both improve the quantity of sit-ups or move on to far more extreme training.

In conjunction with regular exercise routines, it may be a great strategy to observe your eating habits and employ a certain diet plan that consists of taking in proteins and fiber and significantly less carbohydrates and fats. Usually green leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach have high degree of minerals necessary by the body though fruits possess a superior level of fibers that can continue to keep your digestive technique active and well in form. Quite a few health trainers advise folks who want flat abs to drink protein shakes, dietary supplements and tablets as well.

What you have to understand about how to get flat abs is the fact that this is not a little something you are able to achieve overnight or perhaps in a matter of days. Having fantastic flat abs will take months and in many cases one year depending on just how much you've got to work out and eat healthy. The important thing should be to retain discipline on daily basis, working out regularly and consuming healthful natural foods. You also want your flat abs regime to be as sustainable as possible so you can retain your healthier schedule and keep away crash diet plans and extreme workouts that may not suit your body. As far as exercises are concerned, ensure that you warm your system up just before engaging in exercises like pull ups to prepare tummy muscle tissues and make them more flexible.

One more extremely crucial point is the fact that when you've been doing stomach crunches forever and questioning why you aren't losing the body fat from that place, you may need to know that similar varieties of exercise routines are usually not enough regardless of how intensely you get it done. Your work out should really consist of several exercises that target all muscle tissues groups particularly individual muscles inside your tummy for that finest attainable results. Therefore, what you need is strength coaching for your complete body along with cardio mixed with a low-calorie and substantial protein eating plan. If you'd like to understand the best way to get flat abs, you will need to understand that pursuing your dream with consistency is vital simply because having flat abs is among the hardest things to perform and necessitates intense patience and discipline.

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Finding Diet Programs That Work

It is hard to find something that would work for you. And it is very true when it comes to finding diet programs that work for you. You definitely know how hard it is. After all, you have been trying and trying for some time now and you just could not find that one that you will stick with.

One of the things that you can do is to try and find diet programs that are offered for free. However, you should not rejoice because it says that it is free. Remember, these programs actually are offered for free for a certain amount of time only. For example, you can find one that you can try for seven days. There are some you can try for two weeks and some for a month at most. There are trial periods.

The good thing about diet programs that have trial periods is that you can try them out for some time. You may not get the whole program yet. But the good thing is that you do not have to pay to try it out. If you find that it is something that is working on you during that period, then you can decide if you would like to purchase the whole deal. The whole trial period would be an evaluation period for you to find out if it is something that you like and if it is something that works for you.

There are programs in the market that may let you feel like they really work. They would use really strong ads that would guarantee that you would be losing a certain amount of weight in ten days. Of course, you may immediately believe in that because you want the fast way to do things. However, you should keep in mind that these are usually misleading ads. And you may only end up being scammed and that is definitely not what you want to happen.

Now, if you want a diet program that lets you interact with other people, then you can try online communities. There are plenty of such available on the internet. There are some which are for free and there are some which ask for a membership fee. It is up to you to choose which one.

The good thing about such groups is that you can actually remain anonymous and yet be able to interact with other people regarding the diet program that they are taking. They may even share with you tips and pointers that will help you get rid of the excess fat you have been lugging around. Some of such online communities would give you good tips each day and would give you diet plans as well for the day. You would be guided and you can give questions if you feel like you need something clarified.

Finding diet programs that work can be really a challenging task. However, if you are all set and determined, you will be able to find that one that will work for you. You will also be able to get rid of that excess baggage you have on.

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Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Dieters who seek to achieve their goal weight may find the beginning stages of exercise and diet disheartening. From doing gymnastics to spending a few hours at the gym, it feels like the workouts you do should be causing the pounds of fat to melt away. For some reason, the stubborn baby fat around your waist is still hanging on as you log extra hours in your running shoes. The problem? You may be going about it all wrong.

Calories in versus Calories Out

As you start down the path towards permanent, consistent weight loss, you need to keep one main concept in mind: calories. If you want to lose weight, your calories burned each day have to be greater than the calories you eat. The only way to get a good grasp on what is going in your body is to keep track of exactly what you are eating and write it down. Carry a notebook along with you to track how many calories you are eating. Many phones now have applications that can tell you how many calories are in each item of food; if not, try checking out your local bookstore for a guide that lists common foods.

Not Just Calories

So in theory you could eat nothing each day and work out for hours, right? Not quite. As you diet you, you should maintain a minimum of one thousand calories a day if you want to lose weight. Any amount less than this will make your body go into starvation mode and actually slow down your metabolism. A diet too low in calories is also often too low in vitamins and minerals and will leave you without enough energy. Try to achieve a four hundred calorie deficit a day for the optimum weight loss. A good rule of thumb is to never lose more than ten percent of your body weight over a six month period. Anything more than this is unsustainable and often unhealthy.

What You Eat

Check out the foods you are eating as well. They should be high in fiber in nutrients so you stay satiated for longer. Fats should come from healthy sources like nuts while your protein should be gained from lean meats and fish. The more fruits and vegetables you eat in your diet, the better. Fruits and veggies provide vital nutrients, are low in calories and high in fiber meaning your body is healthier and it is even easier to lose weight.

Vary Your Workout Plan

Many dieters get too wrapped up in cardio exercise. Although this form of exercise can help you to burn more calories an hour, it does not help your body burn calories over the long run. Strength training exercises should be added. As you build muscle, the muscle will start to burn more calories-even while you are sleeping. The added muscle can also help your body to look more toned. Even before you reach your goal weight, you will start looking thinner! As your muscle mass increases, remember not to panic as you look at the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, so initially your body weight may go up. At the same time, your actual amount of body fat is decreasing. Over time, the added muscle will ultimately lead to a lower body weight.

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How Many Carbs in a Hard Boiled Egg?

If you are following a low carbohydrate diet, hard-boiled eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. They have few carbohydrates, are high in protein and contain a moderate amount of fat. At 77 calories each, eating eggs on a daily basis makes weight loss easier because their fat and high-quality protein leave you feeling comfortable and satisfied. When following any diet plan, feeling satisfied is important because nothing will hurt your weight loss efforts quicker than hunger.

Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients. They provide the body with energy and keep your blood sugar levels steady. When restricting carbohydrates, the body begins to predominantly burn fats for fuel rather than glucose. This alternative pathway occurs whenever carbohydrates are in short supply. Since eggs have few carbohydrates, many low carbohydrate dieters use them freely, but eggs do have carbohydrates. You need to count them in your daily total.

Carbohydrate Grams in Hard-Boiled Eggs

A hard-boiled egg carries the same amount of carbohydrate that a raw egg does. If you choose to fry or scramble your eggs in a pat of butter or margarine, the carbohydrate content remains the same. There are no carbohydrates in butter or margarine.

• Large egg white, 0.3 grams of carbohydrate
• Large egg yolk, 0.3 grams of carbohydrate
• Large whole egg, 0.6 grams of carbohydrate

If you turn your hard-boiled eggs into egg salad or want to dip your hard-boiled eggs into mayonnaise, mayonnaise does have carbohydrate. Like eggs, the amount is small but can quickly add up, especially if you enjoy your salads wet.

Importance of Counting Even Minor Amounts of Carbs

Although most low carbohydrate weight loss plans restrict your daily carbohydrate total to 35 grams per day or less, many dieters choose to eat around 20 grams per day. That makes even the minor amount of carbohydrates in a hard-boiled egg important because you could easily go over your daily total if you do not count everything you eat. Going over your daily limit on a consistent basis might affect your weight loss for the week, depending upon how sensitive you are to carbohydrates.

There are many foods that have minor amounts of carbohydrates. Hard-boiled eggs are just one of them. Spices, heavy cream, cheese, nuts and sugar substitutes are all low, but when you combine them over the course of the day, their total count becomes significant. When you heavily season your food, put heavy cream and sugar substitute into your coffee, eat a couple of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, and then grab a handful of nuts or a large slice of cheese later in the day, your total might be more than you realize.

The only way to get the weight loss results you're looking for is to count all of the carbohydrate grams you eat each day. What appears to be insignificant should never be ignored. Eggs make a healthy, nutritious part of any diet plan, but their carbohydrate grams always need to be accounted for.

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The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking To Lose Weight Faster!

If you want to lose weight faster, then one of the best things you can do is to start drinking more! So, to get those pounds to melt away, pick up a glass, and read this article here and find out the top 6 reasons why you should start drinking more to get those pounds to melt away!

Okay, before I begin, I just wanted to clarify something real quick. Yes, I am talking about drinking beer and hard liquor to lose weight! I'm KIDDING! Seriously though, could you imagine? Drinking liquor to get slim and sexy?!

What I'm talking about is drinking more natural things that will cause you to get faster results with your weight loss efforts. The things I am about to mention not only are effective for melting away fat, drinking more of these beverages will help in other ways in relations to losing weight as well. Things such as stopping hunger pangs, calming craving urges, and more.

Alright, here are 6 reasons to pick up and glass and start drinking those pounds away...

1. Water can release several pounds of water weight! If you drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of fresh water each and every day, you can lose several pounds of excess water weight. The key to really making this effective is to also ensure you decrease your sodium intake and avoid eating processed foods as much as possible. Otherwise, you'll end up bloated (among many other things).

2. Drinking more water can release several pounds of toxins in your body! Yes, as disturbing as this sounds, most people have nasty (and scary) toxins and parasites living in the body (in particular the digestive tract and colon). These toxins and parasites not only can cause illnesses and diseases to develop, they can add unwanted pounds onto your body as well. You can help clear those toxins out by drinking more water!

3. Also, if you get more water each day, you also help your digestive system flush out stored feces (as nasty as that just sounded)! You don't need me to tell you that feces and urine can weigh a lot. You would be surprised at the difference on the scale just by ensuring you get plenty of water daily to flush your body out.

4. Drinking all types of teas (especially green tea) have a ton of weight loss and health improving benefits. Teas particularly have antioxidants in them that help get rid of those nasty toxins I talked about above.

5. Natural juiced fruits and veggies is another power drink I recommend you add into your diet. If you naturally juice fresh fruits and veggies, you can get your recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies in minutes... and with much more convenience! You can even get creative with mixing different fruits and different veggies together to make special delicious drinks. Also, drinking naturally juiced fruits and veggies will help your digestive system, it will boost your metabolism, it calms hunger pangs (BIG TIME!), and more!

6. If you want to stop hunger pangs, stop craving urges, get more energy, detox your body, fight off diseases and illnesses, heal common sicknesses, improve your digestive system, and even more, then I HIGHLY recommend that you start drinking organic apple cider vinegar. Saying that this drink is a miracle beverage is an understatement! Next to water, this is certainly one of the best things you can put in your body to improve it IN MANY WAYS.

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Weight Loss Strategies That Work

The key to weight loss success is to not just have an effective routine strategy, but also an enjoyable one. There are millions of approaches you can take, but finding what works for you is crucial for getting and keeping the weight off. If you have a weight loss plan that is effective, but is not an enjoyable process, you are bound to lose the weight and quit due to a unenjoyable routine. You need an effective plan that you will continue to enjoy for the rest of your life. You don't just want to lose the weight, you want to keep it off for good. Here are successful weight loss strategies.

Write and keep track of your goals: Even if you thought about it in your head several times, you still can benefit from viewing your goals on paper. It is important to write the results you expect from your weight loss plan. Think about all the benefits to losing weight and compare it to all the non-benefits of not losing weight. Seeing the high amount of non-benefits to not losing weight and high amount of benefits to losing weight should give you a vast amount of leverage to achieve your goals. By viewing your goals, you also get to see exactly how you progress from day one and on. You can also see what is working and what is not. You may want to periodically modify your routine for variety. Variety in your routine can add fun to your weight loss process.

Find an exercise plan that works for you: We all have our own personal preferences and comfort levels when it comes to exercising. A very important factor to succeeding in losing weight is to have a consistent exercise routine. Keeping your exercise routine consistent will surely give you results and help maintain your ideal body weight. In order to be consistent, once again, you must enjoy the process of your routine. If you don't, you will more than likely give up. Find the right cardio and weight lifting plan that fits you best. You can make if fun by adding music or a workout partner. Start off slow and gradually work your way up. Make it a fun and effective process and you will stay consistent and reap the benefits of a healthy body weight.

Don't go on a diet: A diet can give you temporary results, but less likely long-term. You want your results to last a lifetime. You need to eat healthy, but still be able to eat junk food once a week. You don't want to put yourself on a diet that doesn't allow you to eat junk food at all. That would only set you up to lose the weight and gain it back because you were deprived due to your strict diet. Make a plan to eat small healthy meals at least four times a day. Your biggest meal should be breakfast. Your meals should decrease in size as your day progresses. Try to set a time to stop eating every night. Eating late at night can surely prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals because our metabolism starts off fast in the morning and slows down as the day progresses. Remember to include a day of your favorite junk food once a week. Waiting for it for a few days certainly can make it even more enjoyable!

Be patient with your results: Losing weight takes hard work as well as a lot of patience. It is a process that takes time. You can't expect instant results. If you weigh yourself every day, you take the chance of not seeing the results you want and feeling like you are not progressing. This can lead to discouragement and eventually even giving up. You should make it a must to only weigh yourself every other week. By waiting every other week, you are more likely to see results every time you weigh yourself. Seeing your results improve on an ongoing basis should give you even more determination to continue working towards achieving your weight loss goals.

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Can I Take Creatine Supplements in Tea?

Creatine is an organic compound with acidic properties. The natural substance is created by the body from amino acids in the kidneys and liver. Creatine supplies energy to all cells, particularly those in the muscles. In fact, 95 percent of the body's natural creatine is found in skeletal muscle.

Creatine supplements gained popularity in the 1990s as a way to build muscle mass, strengthen the muscles and improve athletic performance. Numerous nutrition companies have created different supplement versions of the product. Today creatine is available in powder, tablet and liquid forms.

Unlike many supplements on the market, creatine is not a weight loss product. Rather, bodybuilders and athletes use creatine to increase muscle mass and gain weight. Scientific research suggests that creatine has various benefits for exercise performance. It has been shown to increase power and strength during intense workouts.

Since creatine causes muscle cells to retain water (and grow larger as a result), the supplement promotes weight gain rather than weight loss. Combined with a regular weightlifting and exercise program, creatine aids lean muscle development. The weight gain is most obvious in first time users.

Many bodybuilders and athletes can benefit from creatine supplements. To achieve the best results, they must understand the right way to utilize the product. Proper supplementation paves the way to lean muscle mass and better athletic performance.

Some athletes wonder if they can take creatine supplements with tea. The caffeine and creatine issue has been debated extensively in both the scientific and athletic communities. Different studies have yielded different results.

At least one study found that caffeine and creatine taken together may counteract each product's positive effects. The initial finding disturbed the athletic community, which understood creatine and caffeine to improve athletic performance when taken independently.
Other studies used powdered creatine administered with tea and coffee. The findings from this combination are promising for athletes and bodybuilders. Nevertheless, the debate on creatine and caffeine continues.

Many creatine users take the supplement with tea for a couple of reasons. Creatine powder is hard to dissolve in room temperature or cold beverages. Dissolution is much easier in a cup of warm tea or mug of hot coffee. The unique flavors of tea and coffee also mask the bitter creatine taste. The complete dissolution promoted by warm beverages makes digestion easier, as well.

Most athletes are convinced that the caffeine in tea does not greatly reduce the effects of creatine supplements. For example, combining creatine with warm caffeinated tea will not promote weight loss. Users who are doubtful can forgo caffeinated drinks for milk, juice and other beverages. They can also reap the supplement's benefits by replacing the powdered form with a tablet or liquid.

To get the most out of creatine, athletes must make the supplement work for them in whatever form they choose. Taken alone or with protein and carbohydrate, creatine is a proven way to build strong, lean muscle and increase exercise performance.

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Can I Lose Weight With an Elliptical Machine?

An elliptical machine is designed to help burn calories through cardiovascular exercise. Since it helps burn calories, it is an appropriate way to help lose weight when combined with proper diet and other forms of exercise. Understanding how the machine works and other aspects involved in losing weight is the key to reaching weight loss goals.

History of the Machine:

Before the elliptical machine was developed, an exercise machine designed to simulate skiing was designed. The original machine was similar to the modern elliptical machines, but with ski-like leg rests.
Over the years, the skiing machine was refined until the modern elliptical machines became the common design.

Impact on Weight:

An elliptical machine is a useful tool when losing weight. The main benefit of the machine is cardiovascular exercise. Since it gets the heart rate up, it also burns calories at a relatively fast rate. The number of calories burned is comparable to walking or jogging, depending on the speed of using the machine.

The only way to lose weight is through burning more calories than are taken in each day, so adding an elliptical machine to the routine can help improve weight loss success when it is combined with other factors. If diet and other forms of exercise are not added to the routine, the weight loss results are likely to take much longer and the body will eventually reach a plateau as it adjusts to the exercise.

Diet Additions:

Beyond simply using an elliptical machine to burn more calories during the day, it is important to cut back on caloric intake from foods. Losing weight requires dieting and exercise for the best results.

When planning a diet, it is best to reduce any foods that are high in calories, but low in nutrients. Foods like cookies, chips and other processed items are best avoided during a diet of any kind.

Beyond simply removing high calorie foods from the diet, it is also important to consider adding more low calorie fruits and vegetables for a well-balanced diet that does not result in feeling hungry. Opting for low calorie snacks will keep hunger at bay while also making it easier to lose weight.

Other Exercises:

While the elliptical machine is a great way to burn calories through cardiovascular exercise, it has a greater impact when it is combined with strength training exercises. Resistance training is possible to manage on some elliptical machines by changing the difficulty settings, but the particular options will vary.

Any time an elliptical does not have high enough settings to create the feeling of resistance, it is best to add some weight training or muscle building exercises. Body weight exercises like squats and pushups will also help.

Building muscle is important to losing weight. In some cases, an elliptical might provide enough resistance to work on both categories of exercise, but it depends on original fitness and the particular machine settings.

An elliptical can help improve weight loss when trying to drop excess pounds. The key is using it with a combination of dieting and other exercises.

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Increase Your Weight Loss Potential With This Comprehensive Plan

Everyone can lose weight, so long as they take the right steps. You will find some good tips here to help you along your way. While losing weight can be difficult sometimes, perseverance and hard work will get you through.

Avoiding red meats will help you lose weight. There are high levels of fat and cholesterol in red meat that can be detrimental to your health. You should swap good lean cuts of meats like fish or poultry for red meat cuts.

Immerse yourself in the color blue. Research has shown that blue colors tend to suppress one's appetite. It is especially effective on a table. Stay away from red, yellow, and orange, as they increase appetite. The link between what we look at and what we eat is subtle, but real. Try this as an interesting experiment when choosing new food plates or clothing to wear out to dinner.

You can improve your health by eating smaller portions of food. Research has revealed that eating smaller meals enables you to reach and keep a body weight that is healthy. The evidence will be how much better you look and feel. When you maintain a healthy eating style you will increase your energy and suffer fewer health problems.

One task that will help keep extra pounds at bay is the daily cleaning of your house. When you clean up your house, those calories stack onto your weight loss. Listening to music can pump you up, making you dance or do more work efficiently which can cause you to lose more calories.

Record your progress when you are trying to lose weight. Keep track of your weight on a daily basis and it will remind you of your goals. Regular weigh ins will help motivate you to achieve your goals quickly.

Substitute regular noodles for noodles with whole wheat in them when you eat pasta. You will get more health benefits from eating whole wheat noodles, and they will fill you up quicker than various other pastas. Even when you are eating whole wheat pasta you should avoid eating pasta too often and avoid all sauces that rich in fat.

A pedometer is a great investment when you are planning on walking or running. A pedometer is a small, electronic tool that will count the number of steps you take throughout the day. This can help you walk more during the day. You should make a goal to walk an average of 10,000 steps a day. Walk more if you are under that amount.

Food nutrition labels are a great source of helpful information when you are trying to lose weight. The calories is something that you should pay special attention to. Nevertheless, remember that food packages often contain a lot of servings, so be sure you count the calories for each serving you consume. Also, pay attention to the carbohydrates and sugar counts.

Don't give into your cravings. This takes considerable willpower. Do not give attention to your cravings, find another focus instead. Brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash can help deter you from giving into your cravings. Appetite suppression can be accomplished psychologically as well; reminding yourself of memories or images that deter your cravings is one example.

A lot of people who embark on a weight loss program try to do it alone. A good support group should be used as an advantage for motivation and encouragement if you let them in on your weight loss goals. By knowing your goals they will not give you fattening foods that they normally would.

Preparing your own food rather than eating out can aid you in achieving your weight loss goals. People who eat at home more often tend to make healthier decisions about what to eat. While dining out is quite unhealthy, it is also quite expensive. Thus, eating at home will save you a lot of money.

Keeping track of your weight can help encourage you to continue losing the pounds. This can change from person to person. Check your weight weekly at least. It is best to be done daily.

You can alter your favorite foods so that they contain less calories. Try your next pizza with fewer high-fat meat toppings or less cheese. Many flavors of ice cream are also available in low-fat or sugar-free varieties. When it comes to beverages like soda or beer, there are light versions.

Weight fluctuates naturally for everyone, so don't worry. It is more important to pay attention to your weight's overall trend than to its day to day shifts. As long as that number shrinks, you are on the right track.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is imperative you treat high-calorie foods differently from other, better foods. If you eat something forbidden, supplement it with healthy food so that the forbidden food seems like something special. Every small nibble of cake should be eaten with a serving of fruit; this will leave you satisfied.

Before you start obsessing over calories, work to cut down your portion sizes. Many diets now a days are focusing on the ingredients and the chemistry of the food. This is not the right thing to be looking at. How much you eat at each meal obviously affects your weight, yet nobody talks about portion control. You can lose weight and improve your health just by eating less.

Having handy packets of healthy food can fight those urges that can damage your weight loss. Ziplock bags filled with nuts or fruit are great, healthy snacks.

Potato fans on a diet can substitute the starchy potato with cauliflower, a much healthier, low calorie alternative. Simmer the cauliflower in a tightly covered pot with chicken broth and chopped onion. When it's tender, puree it and add spices to your liking. You can enjoy a delicious and satisfying side dish without the carbohydrate overload.

Once you finish shopping for groceries, take time to divide food portions into containers. Use containers and baggies to weigh and portion your food properly. When you have your portions in separate containers, it is easier to avoid overeating.

Don't forget to include exercise in any weight loss plan. Weight loss happens when you burn more calories than you take in. Exercise will help this to go faster. Biking and jogging are no-cost, simple ways for you to burn calories, while resistance training helps build up muscle and speed up your metabolism.

Once you begin to notice your weight loss, donate clothes that have become too large for you to local charities. This will build your confidence, and help you reflect on your success. It also gives you further motivation to maintain the size you currently are.

If you are trying to lose weight or get in better shape, this article can help you out. By following the information presented above, you can start positively changing how you look and feel about yourself.

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70 Minutes of Exercise

Most people are always trying to improve their outward appearance. They are always changing their hair, trying to lose weight, trying to firm muscles and trying to look better in clothes; but losing weight is probably the most common thing people try to change about their own bodies. To lose weight is not as easy as simply cutting back on calories; nor is it as simple as adding exercise into your day. Sure, both will help you to lose weight initially, but you have to combine them and work with both, every day, to ensure that your weight loss stays off, rather than showing back up.

If you consume 2,000 calories per day and burn 2,000 calories per day, you will maintain your weight, easily. However, if you want to lose weight, you need eat less calories than you burn. Many times you can limit your calorie intake, though you should never consume less than 1,000 calories per day; even this is very low. By limiting your calorie intake and adding extra exercise into your daily routine, you will lose weight. For every 3,500 calories you burn over those of which you eat, you will lose one pound. This leaves many people asking exactly how much exercise they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight. There is no exact answer; everyone's body is different, which means that for one person, 30 minutes of exercise each day may work as well as 70 minutes of exercise for another person. It all depends on a person's caloric intake, their metabolic rate and the number of calories they burn during the time in which they are exercising.

The recommended amount of exercise that the average adult needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize their chances of several different diseases is 150 minutes. It is recommended that people get at least 30 minutes per day of moderate exercise, which can include walking, bike riding, swimming, dancing, aerobics, cardio workouts, yoga and playing sports. Those who get 30 minutes of exercise each day will be healthier than those who get none. However, they won't see as much in the weight loss department as someone who exercises 70 minutes per day.

A 70 minute per day workout can include a little cardio and a little aerobics and a little strength training, for the best results. A person who spends 70 minutes per day exercising can break it up into groups. You can do 25 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, 25 minutes of vigorous cardio exercise such as yoga or dancing and 20 minutes of strength training, such as weight bearing exercises or rock climbing.

Depending on your caloric intake, metabolic rate and the type of activity you do for 70 minutes per day, you can lose weight quickly, effectively and even better - you can keep it off for the long haul. The key is to make a lifestyle change that includes an overall healthier way of life.

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Foot Patches - Rejuvenate and Reenergise Your Mind and Body

Many saints and monks used to travel places barefooted for achieving their desired purposes, in ancient times. They used to rejuvenate and relax their feet by practicing various foot detox procedures. These holy people used to soak their feet in warm water for a stipulated period of time in order to relax their whole body. This procedure used to boost their wellness and energise them after some time. It also helped them in healing their swellings and pains. Public baths for detoxification of the body used to be practiced by the Greeks and the Romans. Even most people believe that adding herbs in the hot water can help them get several health benefits. Fortunately, with the advancement of modern technologies, the process of detoxification has become easier and can be done effectively at the comfort of your home. Below are certain methods by which you can detoxify your body:

Diet - It is vital to switch on a diet, which is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. Also, make sure to take these nutrition diets in a proper portion. There are certain diets available on the markets that are specifically formulated to detoxify your body. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Also, drink ample amount of water as it can help in eliminating the toxins in an efficient way. You can start feeling light and use the washroom frequently. As a result, you can get a clear bowel movement and a glowing radiant skin. If you want to detoxify your whole body without interfering it your daily life activities, you can use Body Boutique Patch Factor to cleanse your systems by eliminating toxins and impurities.
Physical workouts - No diet programme is complete without physical workouts. Exercising regularly can not only flushing toxins out of your body, but also help in purifying blood and reducing stress levels. You can also perform yoga and meditation to keep the stress factor away from your life.

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, you can also take the help of detox foot patches in order to improve overall well-being. These patches are commonly known as foot pads that can help to draw out the toxins from the body and provide relief in conditions such as insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, fibromyalgia, backaches, and headaches. It can be better to apply these pads to the feet at night.The idea behind applying these pads at night is that as you sleep, these detox patches can draw out the heavy metal deposits and toxins from your body without making any extra efforts.

The natural ingredients present in these foot pads can assist your body in releasing waste materials through the pores of your feet. The natural ingredients in these foot patches are combined with reflexology. According to reflexology, various parts of the body correspond with certain points on the foot. If these points are stimulated with the help of compression or touch, it can help in establishing equilibrium in the corresponding areas of the body as believed by many health experts. Feel stress-free, relaxed and light after following this detox session on a regular basis and have a healthy happier life.

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Is an 11 Year Old Girl Fat If She Weighs 100 Pounds and Is 5'2?

Determining the appropriate weight for any child is not always a simple process. It depends on a few different factors which include height, body type and the body fat percentage. Depending on the girl's bone structure and build, a weight of around 100 pounds is appropriate based on a height of five feet and two inches tall.

Build Considerations:

An 11 year old girl who has a smaller build at five feet and two inches tall means that she has fine bones. With a fine bone structure, weight ranges that are appropriate for the girl are usually around 100 to 110 pounds.

Girls who have a medium bone structure and build should weigh roughly 105 to 115 pounds based on the body type and build. The slightly larger bone structure requires a slightly higher weight range.

A girl who has a large bone structure should ideally weight roughly 110 to 120 pounds for good health. If she is only 100 pounds with a large bone structure, the weight is actually below the ideal range based on her height and it is best if she avoids weight loss and focuses on building muscle while eating more healthy foods.

A girl who is five feet, two inches tall should not strive to work on weight loss when she weighs 100 pounds, despite her young age. The best weight is dependent on height and an 11 year old girl who is taller than five feet should weight roughly 100 pounds or more for the best health.

Health Factors:

While it is best for a girl who is around 100 pounds at five feet, two inches tall to maintain her weight, it is also important to consider other factors. Body weight is not the only factor to good health, good eating and exercise habits are also important.

A girl who weighs 100 pounds, but has a high body fat percentage due to unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle should take measures to start building up muscle, losing fat content and improving eating habits.

The healthy weight between 100 and 120 pounds based on the height requires considering the fat content of the body and the other lifestyle factors. Becoming healthy is the goal rather than weight loss in this situation.

Good health as a young individual starts with getting out and exercising. At 11 years old, the best form of exercise is playing outside or joining a sport of interest. Running around and playing sports will naturally build up muscles and burn calories. At first, the activity might result in some weight loss, but over time the added muscle mass will balance the loss of fat to build the weight back to healthy ranges.

Dietary factors are also important. An 11 year old girl is still growing and developing, so parents should focus on giving her a wide variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains for snacks and meals. Keep junk food to a minimum or eliminate it completely from her diet to get health under control.

Parents and children should avoid considering the numbers on a scale and focus on good health. Children who are growing might go through times when weight seems low or high based on growth. Keeping to a healthy diet and ensuring children get at least one to two hours of exercise in the form of games per day will ensure good health.

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How Many Grams of Carbs and Fats Should You Eat Per Day to Lose 2 Lbs Per Week?

Weight loss is a topic that is on most people's minds. However, many individuals do not how to go about losing weight or where they should even get started. A good place to start is with the kind of food one is eating as well as the amounts that are ingested.

Carbs and Weight Loss

Carbs have long been a culprit of much scorn in the lives of those who are focusing on weight loss efforts. Carbs are the enemy according to many weight loss plans. Individuals have lost massive amounts of weight by cutting carbs out of their diet completely. However, most experts agree that removing any large group of foods from one's diet will lead to weight loss and carbs actually offer very important benefits. Indeed, for maximum weight loss, carbs should be eaten along with protein at each meal and snack.

This is not to say that carbs should be eaten in massive quantities. Carbs that are not used to help fuel the body are stored as fat. If you wish to lose two pounds per week, you should eat no more than 50 to 100 grams of carbs per day. Furthermore, these carbs should come from natural sources, like fruits and vegetables, for maximum benefit.

High Fat, Low-Fat, and No-Fat

A person who is wishing to experience weight loss at a rate of two pounds per week will find that they need to limit their fat intake. The amount of fat one should consume depends upon that person's height and weight. For most people, fat intake should be no more than 44 to 55 grams per day.

It is worth noting that all fat is not created equally. Those who are wishing to lose weight, get in shape, and become healthy should stick to polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These are sometimes referred to as healthy fats or good fats. Sources of these good fats are fish, nuts, olive oil, canola oil, and avocados. Individuals should limit saturated fat and should avoid trans fats completely.

Those attempting to lose weight find themselves gravitating to low-fat and no-fat versions of their favorite foods. It is important to, when shopping for lighter options, read all labels. Often, the taste in lower fat foods is improved with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sodium, or other additives with potentially harmful effects. Be sure not to sacrifice other health benefits when choosing a lighter alternative food.

Weight loss is not easy for anyone. Our bodies are built to safeguard the food stores that we have, not to deplete them immediately. For most people, weight loss is an ongoing process that can take months or even years to achieve. Dieters who are willing to carefully guard their food consumption will find that they have a much easier time achieving the body of their dreams, inside and out.

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Weight Loss Supplements: Hype or Help?

Advertisements for weight loss supplements are everywhere. You can't look through a magazine, sit through a television program, or listen to the radio without seeing or hearing their enticing claims. Not to mention walking through the pharmacy isle at the local store, it can be overwhelming. However consider this, if all these products really work, then why are there still so many overweight people? Through personal experience, and with my work as a personal trainer, I have dealt with this subject on numerous occasions. People often ask me what I think of certain over the counter weight loss supplements.

I always start out by saying that real weight loss is not as easy as these supplement manufacturers make it seem. What I find is that marketers for these types of supplements pray on peoples desire to do just what they have always done, and yet still lose weight. They make it sound so good, but unfortunately their claims are highly inflated. I always told my clients to please ignore them. In many cases, these so-called supplements, can cause more harm than good. It is difficult to tell who will experience the adverse side effects and who will not, therefore you must weigh the risks versus benefits carefully.

Consumers need to be aware of the mechanism of action for all categories of weight-loss supplements available. They typically fall into one of four categories depending on how they work.

1. Products that block the absorption of fat or carbohydrate.

2. Stimulants that increase thermogenesis (how the body burns fat).

3. Products that change metabolism and improve body composition.

4. Products that suppress appetite or give a sense of fullness.

Each is designed to either improve how the body handles the food that is consumed or to decrease the desire for food itself. The problem is that weight-loss supplements have been highly researched with no convincing evidence of their benefits, especially in the long-term, and in many cases they have been associated with health complications. Numerous factors complicate the research results associated with the efficacy of weight-loss supplements, such as small sample sizes, short intervention periods, little or no follow-up, and whether or not the supplement is given in combination with an energy-restricted diet or increased exercise expenditure.

In light of these facts, the best supplement that anyone can make is to increase their daily intake of fruits, vegetables, dairy and lean protein. Eating a wide variety of colorful natural foods will promote optimal body functioning. I endorse the benefits of improving the "quality of your nutrition," over taking some type of supplementation for weight loss. Some natural foods or supplements such as green tea, fiber, and calcium supplements or dairy products can complement a healthy lifestyle. Used consistently, they can produce small weight losses or prevent weight gain over time. This type of intervention is the healthiest option and will likely result in the best chances for long-term benefit.

Supportive habits, such as using a variety of fresh spices, herbs, and vegetables like garlic, cinnamon, chilies, cayenne pepper, and green tea are more natural options, than the chemical concoctions that weight loss supplements regularly consist of. Because our diets consist of so many processed and calorie dense-nutrient deficient foods, the body often operates at sub-par level. By going natural, you will give your body what it needs to run at its optimum level.

Instead of spending money on supplements I encourage clients to improve the nutritional value of each meal. By using a plate method you can naturally boost your body's function. Divide your plate in half. Fill the right half with non-starchy vegetables or fruits. Divide the left half again and in the top put a palm size amount of lean protein and on the lower half, a fist size amount of starches, such as potatoes, rice or pasta. By following this nutrition prescription, you will fuel your body with what it needs and not gunk up your system with additives.

It seems simple, but we all know how hard it is to make those kinds of choices in light of all the tempting options that surround us. Not to mention busy schedules and eating on the run. For these reasons, a good vitamin and mineral supplement can help, especially when combined with a increased focus on adding more good nutrition, versus focusing on all the "need to avoid" items. This valuable shift in thinking can redirect the mental cues that are associated with eating.

The only benefit I have seen from OTC medications is perhaps a placebo effect; people think they are getting something that will help, so they respond accordingly with their actions. If that is that case, and you see results, don't have any adverse side effects, and want to use something to get you focused, I say go for it. Otherwise, my advice is to not waste your time or money.

"Wellness Matters" Article Series by Lisa Schilling RN, CPT
Speaker, Writer, Wellness Coach & Consultant

Lisa Schilling is the author of "The Get REAL Guide to Health and Fitness-FIVE STEPS to Create Your Own Personal Wellness Plan" She juggles life as a doting wife and the mother of three boys, who keep her feet firmly planted on the ground!

Lisa is a Registered Nurse, author and recovering pageant queen, who spreads hope with her Get REAL approach to wellness. She empowers women, caregivers and groups to unleash their fullest potential by helping them to see their true beauty and discover their REAL value.

She feels passionate about spreading this message of hope and acceptance to help others be PROactive about their health and not simply REactive. Lisa uses her enthusiasm to inspire people to value and appreciate who they are. She helps people build a bridge from where they are, to where they want to be.

As an outspoken advocate for wellness and prevention, her motto is: "See one, do one, teach one!" Visit Lisa's website to claim your FREE Bonus Gifts!

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How to Get the Best From Slimming Pills

Consuming slimming pills is the quickest way to lose weight. However, it is not the easiest. You can be stuck within your weight loss plans if you rely on slimming pills only. Health professionals suggest that it is essential to have a balanced diet while you consume slimming pills.

How to Use Slimming Pills Safely
Slimming pills can work wonders for weight loss if you know how to use them safely. Below are some helpful instructions:

Prefer an Established Brand Name
Never go for a pill that is new in the market. You can buy stackers to lose weight. You can choose from among many stackers available.

Drink Water
While consuming the slimming pill, take it with a full glass of water. In addition to that, drink eight glasses of water daily. This will save you from dehydration.

Beware Of Side Effects
If you consume these pills more than the suggested dose, you can have a high risk of side effects. You will be able to lose weight only if you take the recommended dosage.

Avoid Your Cravings
In order to get the best from slimming pills, the foremost thing to do is to reduce your cravings. The less you crave, the more you will look forward to having a healthy lifestyle. But controlling your cravings also requires time and effort. Following are ways that will help you avoid your cravings for unhealthy food:

Think About What Motivates You
Make a list of reasons why you want to stick with your diet plan. Some reasons for living a healthy life can be self-esteem and compliments from your loved ones. You will stop craving for junk food when you review this list repeatedly.

Make a List of Your Cravings
This will help you analyze whether the foods you crave are worth your effort or not. These foods provide temporary pleasure. Therefore, the list will guide you to stick with healthy food.

Visualize Your Desirable Image
Make a visualization board for losing weight. Search for pictures of slim people from magazines. Cut the most inspiring ones and paste those on your visualization board. You can view this board on a daily basis. Visualize your own image in those pictures. It will motivate you to avoid cravings.

Some Considerations
It is not appropriate to consume slimming pills in certain conditions. For instance, if you have high blood pressure, it is better that you avoid pills. Secondly, mental illness, thyroid problems, pregnancy, and irregular heart rate also restrict you to lose weight through these pills.

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How Many Calories Should I Burn a Day?

Weight loss occurs when a person burns off fewer calories than he consumes. The number of calories that a person should try to burn per day depends on the amount of weight that he is trying to lose. One pound is equal to 3500 calories. Experts have stated that a person should try to lose one or two pounds per week.

If a person is trying to lose one pound per week, he will need to burn 500 calories per day. People who are trying to lose two pounds per week will need to burn off 1000 calories per day. Diet and exercise are the keys to creating a calorie deficit.

Creating a calorie deficit with diet

A person will have to reduce the amount of food that he consumes if he wants to lose weight. People who are trying to lose one pound per week should reduce their caloric intake by 250. For example, if a person follows a normal 2000 calorie diet, he should consume 250 fewer calories per day. This can easily be achieved by cutting out sodas, sweets and fatty foods.

People who want to lose two pounds per week should reduce their caloric intake by 500. People who normally eat 2000 calories per day should consume 500 fewer calories. Again, this can easily be achieved by opting for fruits, vegetables and water instead of fatty foods, sweets and sodas.

Creating a calorie deficit with exercise

Exercising is one of the most important things that a person can do to promote weight loss. People who are trying to lose one pound per week should try to burn at least 250 calories per day through exercise. Walking at a moderate pace for 45 minutes is one of the ways that one can burn off 250 calories.

Those who want to lose two pounds per week will need to burn 500 calories per day through exercise. A person will have to walk at a moderate pace for about an hour and a half to burn off 500 calories. People who want to burn more calories in less time should opt to jog instead of walk. Jogging at a speed of 5 mph can help a person burn 500 calories in under an hour.

Cycling and dancing are two other activities that can help burn extra calories. Cycling at a speed of 12 mph her hour can burn 500 calories in an hour. Dancing at a moderate pace for an hour can burn 340 calories.

Creating a calorie deficit through diet and exercise will help promote weight loss. People who want to lose one pound per week will only need to burn off 500 calories per day. Those who want to lose two pounds per week will need to burn off 1000 calories per day.

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Weight Loss Tips For All

You have dreamed of shedding off the excess weight you have on your body. You have been always searching for tips that could help you lose the weight. These tips are precious to you. You do understand that weight loss tips can work for you although you believe that some tips can work for you while others cannot.

Right here, you can learn some weight loss ideas that you can follow. Of course, these are not guaranteed to help you really shed off all the excess weight you have on. You recognize the fact that each person is unique and so a tip that may work for one may not work for you and vice versa. It is up to you to decide if you want to try out a weight loss tip. It may lead you to losing weight. Now if it does not, then do not think that all other weight loss tips are myths because there are some that could work for you.

One of the very popular ways to weight loss is to actually exercise or do physical work. If you are very active and you have an active lifestyle, the chances of you burning the calories you take in are quite high. You will have a slimmer body compared to others. The more physical activities you do, the more calories you burn off. This means that there would be less calories stored in your body. You know that extra calories in your bad are converted to fat.

If you cannot really do physical activities, then you should try to do something else. What you can do instead is you can make sure that what you ingest is only 500 calories for the whole day. That way, you can be sure that your body would be able to burn it off well. It is not too much for your body to take.

You can also take note of how much calories you eat every day. That way, you would be able to limit your intake. It is said that once you take note of each morsel of food that you take in, you would be conscious of what you are eating. When that happens, you would have an inkling of how much you are eating and you would unconsciously lessen that amount.

It is very important that you choose what you eat. Your body needs fat but if you choose the right kind of fat, you are still on the healthy side. You can go with virgin olive oil instead of working in butter. You can do away with whole milk. You can also go for the fat from fish. Olive oil as well as fish fat are good for your heart.

How many times do you eat? If you eat three huge meals each day, you may not be on your way to weight loss. Instead, what you can do is eat frequently in small amounts. It is going to help you lose those extra pounds. Those who have tried doing this can tell you that it really works.

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Want to Lose Weight? Set Your Hair on Fire

Shedding weight isn't easy. I don't need to tell you that, though, do I?. If you're reading this you've previously gone through it.

There's a secret, however, to accomplishing your weight loss goal. Better still, the same strategy can be applied to any goal.

Think small, set your hair on fire, and keep going.

What's Your Goal? Hint: Think Small

Like many goals reducing weight may sound like a large, hairy task at first which in turn makes it appear inaccessible. Most worthy goals are big and difficult, though, so that's part of the deal. You would like something really, really good? You will have to climb a mountain to have it.

The trick is to not be worried about the whole goal. Once you've committed to it, separate it up into smaller parts and forget about the big picture for a while.

You would like to lose 20 pounds? Fantastic. Commit to it, then reset your goal to losing 3 pounds this week, then 3 pounds next week, 3 pounds the week after, etc and then forget about the 20 for the time being. Shedding three pounds seems far easier to contemplate than losing 20, and it's easier to keep yourself on course for a week than it is for five months.

Your Hair is on Fire - What's Your First Priority?

If you get out of bed in the morning and your hair is on fire, what's the first thing you need to do? Check your mail? Read the newspaper?

Heck no. You put the fire out.

If your goal is to drop 3 pounds this week, what's the first thing you should do each morning? Get it? Good.

It's much too easy to get sidetracked from our goals, specifically when the new toy shine fades and the hard work starts. The first thing you must do in the morning is work on your goal. If you haven't produced your menu and grocery list for the week (you are planning meals, aren't you?) get it done as soon as you wake up. Don't brush your teeth first, don't walk your puppy, don't feed the kids - focus on your goal for 30 minutes to an hour.

If it's a workout day, get your training in before anything else. Before you've got an opportunity to think about not doing it. Before you think about putting it off for only five minutes while you check your email or send a text message. Work on your goal first. Get it done and out of the way and you can spend the remainder of the day putting other items off.

Get out of bed then work on your goal as if your hair is on fire.

Give Up? Wrong!

Goals are incredibly thrilling when we're first motivated to commit to them, that's why we commit to them to start with.

Woohoo! You're gonna drop some weight and get slimmer! You're gonna look like a Greek sculpture! People will stare at you at the beach and wonder who the hell that tasty-looking guy or girl is!

Then you dive in. And progress gets tougher. And harder.

After the shiny newness of the objective wears off, most people will fade and quit. It's difficult to keep going when confronted with adversity. It's challenging to keep on when you hit a wall.

Understand this when you commit to your goal: it's going to be challenging at times, you're going to experience setbacks, and you're going to taste some failure. Don't allow it to frighten you. The strategy to making it despite all the scariness is to carry on.

I'll say it again:

Keep working. No matter what.

If you fail one week, don't stop trying. Pick yourself up, find out what went wrong and how to correct it, and start again. You can attain your objective if you pick yourself up one more time than you fail. Don't end on a failure, end on success.

Your hair is on fire. What are you going to do about it?

Lose those love handles now with the only waist exercise program that works.

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Vegetarian Diet Plan for Fat Loss

It's no news anymore that vegetarians are gaining weight and the stats are ever rising. You, seriously need an effective vegetarian diet plan for fat loss. Such a plan will include a daily meal plan that guides you throughout the regimen until you reach your goal, plus a workout routine that keeps your metabolism active so your weight won't bounce back so easily even when at times you cheat and scoff down some junk.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan

Here are the few pointers to help you devise a perfect plan for your body to shed the excess pounds on auto-pilot.

1. Keep the calorie intake well within your daily calorie needs. For instance, an average male requires 2000 calories while female 1500 per day for survival. You gain weight most probably because your calorie intake goes far above your needs.

Don't act smart by eating even lesser calories than what your body needs as this will turn down your metabolism which makes fat loss less efficient. You'll gain more weight instead that way because your body will "think" that you're in a famine environment that food is scarce, so it'll absorb more calories and store them as reserve with all its might.

2. Do you see lots of greens and veggies on your plate? Not surprising to see vegetarian meals consisting mostly of fake meat, bread and lack of vegetables nowadays. If you're like the unhealthy vegetarian lot, you're seriously deprived of essential nutrients for your body to lose excess weight.

Get more greens and veggies into your dish today. To make life easier for you, start off with 50% veggies + fruits and 50% other vegetarian food. Ideally, we should all have at least 60 - 70% of fruits and vegetables on our plate in every main meal.

3. Apart from main meals, insert one healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch, and another one in between lunch and dinner. I recommend snacks like mixed fruits (e.g. blend of sliced peaches, strawberries, pineapple, mangoes, dates, apricots, honeydew and grapes) which are delectable and easy to prepare. Snacks are a good way to keep hunger pangs at bay so your metabolism can stay active to burn fat.

4. Keep your meal timings regular. This tells your body to not worry about whether the next batch of energy and nutrients will come, and your body will happily continue to maintain at optimal metabolic rate.

In short, your vegetarian weight loss meal plan must have sufficient energy value and nutrients. And you should take in 5 meals a day. Oops, don't forget to drink enough plain water for hydration. A well-hydrated body burns fat efficiently.

As for workout routine, don't blindly follow what others are doing. Pick up exercises that you're comfortable with for a start, such as brisk-walk, slow jog or rope-skipping etc.

Activate your body with simple exercises for 3 - 4 times a week for at least 2 weeks before you step up to interval training such that you'll perform the exercise with a low-high-low intensity pattern. An Australian study shows that a 12-sec low-intensity and 8-sec high-intensity pattern produces the best result.

Last but not least, don't stay up late at night. Go to sleep before or at 11 PM (recommended). A rejuvenating sleep every night makes losing fat easier.

Want more vegetarian weight loss tips and a free vegetarian diet plan? Laura Ng shows you how to lose weight effectively with her proven vegetarian weight loss diet plan (FREE) at When you apply her tried-and-true techniques and whip up the nutrient-dense, delicious fat loss recipes inside the program, you'll improve your health, get more energy and lose your excess fat without suffering loose skin and weight rebound.

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What Is a Good and Healthy Diet to Get in Shape?

Many people are able to successfully lose weight by going on a diet. However, studies have shown that most dieters end up regaining the weight within five years. The majority of diets do not work because they are not meant to be maintained for a long period of time. If a person wants to maintain his weight loss, he will have to make a permanent change in his eating habits.

The Mediterranean diet plan is a diet that helps people lose weight and keep it off for the rest of their life. This diet also has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Below are some tips on following the Mediterranean diet:

Eat vegetables, fruits legumes and nuts

Vegetables, fruits, and legumes should be eaten with every meal. These types of foods are rich in antioxidants, which help protect against cancer. A person should also eat a handful of nuts every day. Nuts are high in monounsaturated fat, which is one of the good fats. Monounsaturated fat can help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and total cholesterol. However, people should avoid nuts that are candied or heavily salted.


Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are a type of polyunsaturated fat. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to lower triglycerides, cholesterol and prevent blood-clots from forming. There have also been numerous studies done to confirm that omega 3 fatty acids can potentially help prevent heart disease. Experts recommend getting two to three servings of fish per week. Fish is the best source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Cooking with olive oil and herbs

People are strongly advised to cook with olive oil and herbs while following the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil and herbs are a great alternative to butter. Additionally, the Mediterranean diet places a lot of emphasis on the consumption of healthy fats. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat.

Wine in moderation

The consumption of alcohol remains controversial. Many believe that it should be avoided completely because it poses too many health risks. However, the Mediterranean diet encourages moderate wine consumption. Researchers have found that wine can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease.

Again, the key is moderation. Men should not drink more than two glasses of wine per day. Women should only have one glass per day. Drinking more than the recommended amount of wine will counteract any of the health benefits of it. Additionally, people should consult with their doctor before they start drinking wine. Grape juice is a great alternative to wine.

The Mediterranean diet helps promote and maintain weight loss. It also helps protect against heart disease, cancer and numerous other illnesses.

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