Can I Lose Weight With an Elliptical Machine?

An elliptical machine is designed to help burn calories through cardiovascular exercise. Since it helps burn calories, it is an appropriate way to help lose weight when combined with proper diet and other forms of exercise. Understanding how the machine works and other aspects involved in losing weight is the key to reaching weight loss goals.

History of the Machine:

Before the elliptical machine was developed, an exercise machine designed to simulate skiing was designed. The original machine was similar to the modern elliptical machines, but with ski-like leg rests.
Over the years, the skiing machine was refined until the modern elliptical machines became the common design.

Impact on Weight:

An elliptical machine is a useful tool when losing weight. The main benefit of the machine is cardiovascular exercise. Since it gets the heart rate up, it also burns calories at a relatively fast rate. The number of calories burned is comparable to walking or jogging, depending on the speed of using the machine.

The only way to lose weight is through burning more calories than are taken in each day, so adding an elliptical machine to the routine can help improve weight loss success when it is combined with other factors. If diet and other forms of exercise are not added to the routine, the weight loss results are likely to take much longer and the body will eventually reach a plateau as it adjusts to the exercise.

Diet Additions:

Beyond simply using an elliptical machine to burn more calories during the day, it is important to cut back on caloric intake from foods. Losing weight requires dieting and exercise for the best results.

When planning a diet, it is best to reduce any foods that are high in calories, but low in nutrients. Foods like cookies, chips and other processed items are best avoided during a diet of any kind.

Beyond simply removing high calorie foods from the diet, it is also important to consider adding more low calorie fruits and vegetables for a well-balanced diet that does not result in feeling hungry. Opting for low calorie snacks will keep hunger at bay while also making it easier to lose weight.

Other Exercises:

While the elliptical machine is a great way to burn calories through cardiovascular exercise, it has a greater impact when it is combined with strength training exercises. Resistance training is possible to manage on some elliptical machines by changing the difficulty settings, but the particular options will vary.

Any time an elliptical does not have high enough settings to create the feeling of resistance, it is best to add some weight training or muscle building exercises. Body weight exercises like squats and pushups will also help.

Building muscle is important to losing weight. In some cases, an elliptical might provide enough resistance to work on both categories of exercise, but it depends on original fitness and the particular machine settings.

An elliptical can help improve weight loss when trying to drop excess pounds. The key is using it with a combination of dieting and other exercises.

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