Vegetarian Diet Plan for Fat Loss

It's no news anymore that vegetarians are gaining weight and the stats are ever rising. You, seriously need an effective vegetarian diet plan for fat loss. Such a plan will include a daily meal plan that guides you throughout the regimen until you reach your goal, plus a workout routine that keeps your metabolism active so your weight won't bounce back so easily even when at times you cheat and scoff down some junk.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan

Here are the few pointers to help you devise a perfect plan for your body to shed the excess pounds on auto-pilot.

1. Keep the calorie intake well within your daily calorie needs. For instance, an average male requires 2000 calories while female 1500 per day for survival. You gain weight most probably because your calorie intake goes far above your needs.

Don't act smart by eating even lesser calories than what your body needs as this will turn down your metabolism which makes fat loss less efficient. You'll gain more weight instead that way because your body will "think" that you're in a famine environment that food is scarce, so it'll absorb more calories and store them as reserve with all its might.

2. Do you see lots of greens and veggies on your plate? Not surprising to see vegetarian meals consisting mostly of fake meat, bread and lack of vegetables nowadays. If you're like the unhealthy vegetarian lot, you're seriously deprived of essential nutrients for your body to lose excess weight.

Get more greens and veggies into your dish today. To make life easier for you, start off with 50% veggies + fruits and 50% other vegetarian food. Ideally, we should all have at least 60 - 70% of fruits and vegetables on our plate in every main meal.

3. Apart from main meals, insert one healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch, and another one in between lunch and dinner. I recommend snacks like mixed fruits (e.g. blend of sliced peaches, strawberries, pineapple, mangoes, dates, apricots, honeydew and grapes) which are delectable and easy to prepare. Snacks are a good way to keep hunger pangs at bay so your metabolism can stay active to burn fat.

4. Keep your meal timings regular. This tells your body to not worry about whether the next batch of energy and nutrients will come, and your body will happily continue to maintain at optimal metabolic rate.

In short, your vegetarian weight loss meal plan must have sufficient energy value and nutrients. And you should take in 5 meals a day. Oops, don't forget to drink enough plain water for hydration. A well-hydrated body burns fat efficiently.

As for workout routine, don't blindly follow what others are doing. Pick up exercises that you're comfortable with for a start, such as brisk-walk, slow jog or rope-skipping etc.

Activate your body with simple exercises for 3 - 4 times a week for at least 2 weeks before you step up to interval training such that you'll perform the exercise with a low-high-low intensity pattern. An Australian study shows that a 12-sec low-intensity and 8-sec high-intensity pattern produces the best result.

Last but not least, don't stay up late at night. Go to sleep before or at 11 PM (recommended). A rejuvenating sleep every night makes losing fat easier.

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