Is an 11 Year Old Girl Fat If She Weighs 100 Pounds and Is 5'2?

Determining the appropriate weight for any child is not always a simple process. It depends on a few different factors which include height, body type and the body fat percentage. Depending on the girl's bone structure and build, a weight of around 100 pounds is appropriate based on a height of five feet and two inches tall.

Build Considerations:

An 11 year old girl who has a smaller build at five feet and two inches tall means that she has fine bones. With a fine bone structure, weight ranges that are appropriate for the girl are usually around 100 to 110 pounds.

Girls who have a medium bone structure and build should weigh roughly 105 to 115 pounds based on the body type and build. The slightly larger bone structure requires a slightly higher weight range.

A girl who has a large bone structure should ideally weight roughly 110 to 120 pounds for good health. If she is only 100 pounds with a large bone structure, the weight is actually below the ideal range based on her height and it is best if she avoids weight loss and focuses on building muscle while eating more healthy foods.

A girl who is five feet, two inches tall should not strive to work on weight loss when she weighs 100 pounds, despite her young age. The best weight is dependent on height and an 11 year old girl who is taller than five feet should weight roughly 100 pounds or more for the best health.

Health Factors:

While it is best for a girl who is around 100 pounds at five feet, two inches tall to maintain her weight, it is also important to consider other factors. Body weight is not the only factor to good health, good eating and exercise habits are also important.

A girl who weighs 100 pounds, but has a high body fat percentage due to unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle should take measures to start building up muscle, losing fat content and improving eating habits.

The healthy weight between 100 and 120 pounds based on the height requires considering the fat content of the body and the other lifestyle factors. Becoming healthy is the goal rather than weight loss in this situation.

Good health as a young individual starts with getting out and exercising. At 11 years old, the best form of exercise is playing outside or joining a sport of interest. Running around and playing sports will naturally build up muscles and burn calories. At first, the activity might result in some weight loss, but over time the added muscle mass will balance the loss of fat to build the weight back to healthy ranges.

Dietary factors are also important. An 11 year old girl is still growing and developing, so parents should focus on giving her a wide variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains for snacks and meals. Keep junk food to a minimum or eliminate it completely from her diet to get health under control.

Parents and children should avoid considering the numbers on a scale and focus on good health. Children who are growing might go through times when weight seems low or high based on growth. Keeping to a healthy diet and ensuring children get at least one to two hours of exercise in the form of games per day will ensure good health.

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