Want to Lose Weight? Set Your Hair on Fire

Shedding weight isn't easy. I don't need to tell you that, though, do I?. If you're reading this you've previously gone through it.

There's a secret, however, to accomplishing your weight loss goal. Better still, the same strategy can be applied to any goal.

Think small, set your hair on fire, and keep going.

What's Your Goal? Hint: Think Small

Like many goals reducing weight may sound like a large, hairy task at first which in turn makes it appear inaccessible. Most worthy goals are big and difficult, though, so that's part of the deal. You would like something really, really good? You will have to climb a mountain to have it.

The trick is to not be worried about the whole goal. Once you've committed to it, separate it up into smaller parts and forget about the big picture for a while.

You would like to lose 20 pounds? Fantastic. Commit to it, then reset your goal to losing 3 pounds this week, then 3 pounds next week, 3 pounds the week after, etc and then forget about the 20 for the time being. Shedding three pounds seems far easier to contemplate than losing 20, and it's easier to keep yourself on course for a week than it is for five months.

Your Hair is on Fire - What's Your First Priority?

If you get out of bed in the morning and your hair is on fire, what's the first thing you need to do? Check your mail? Read the newspaper?

Heck no. You put the fire out.

If your goal is to drop 3 pounds this week, what's the first thing you should do each morning? Get it? Good.

It's much too easy to get sidetracked from our goals, specifically when the new toy shine fades and the hard work starts. The first thing you must do in the morning is work on your goal. If you haven't produced your menu and grocery list for the week (you are planning meals, aren't you?) get it done as soon as you wake up. Don't brush your teeth first, don't walk your puppy, don't feed the kids - focus on your goal for 30 minutes to an hour.

If it's a workout day, get your training in before anything else. Before you've got an opportunity to think about not doing it. Before you think about putting it off for only five minutes while you check your email or send a text message. Work on your goal first. Get it done and out of the way and you can spend the remainder of the day putting other items off.

Get out of bed then work on your goal as if your hair is on fire.

Give Up? Wrong!

Goals are incredibly thrilling when we're first motivated to commit to them, that's why we commit to them to start with.

Woohoo! You're gonna drop some weight and get slimmer! You're gonna look like a Greek sculpture! People will stare at you at the beach and wonder who the hell that tasty-looking guy or girl is!

Then you dive in. And progress gets tougher. And harder.

After the shiny newness of the objective wears off, most people will fade and quit. It's difficult to keep going when confronted with adversity. It's challenging to keep on when you hit a wall.

Understand this when you commit to your goal: it's going to be challenging at times, you're going to experience setbacks, and you're going to taste some failure. Don't allow it to frighten you. The strategy to making it despite all the scariness is to carry on.

I'll say it again:

Keep working. No matter what.

If you fail one week, don't stop trying. Pick yourself up, find out what went wrong and how to correct it, and start again. You can attain your objective if you pick yourself up one more time than you fail. Don't end on a failure, end on success.

Your hair is on fire. What are you going to do about it?

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